Failed Sovereignty Transfer Leads to Conflicts Over Six Systems in Providence

Z-RFE3, Providence - a leadership succession followed by a failed sovereignty transfer to a new alliance caused Providence Holder Aegis Militia [AM] to lose ownership of six systems in Providence and intense fighting in the affected systems with Against All Authorities, Ushra'Khan (commonly known as AAA and U'K respectively) and allied alliances.

Former AM executor K5Project explained that after taking over executive roles six months ago and rebuilding AM "back up strong on its feet", the recent sovereignty war with AAA lead to several internal problems with spies and corporations that were "making problems if you asked them to do something." These issues lead to a decision to assign AM executor leadership to ShadowandLight of Hammer of Light [HROLT] corporation.

Jason Marshall of HROLT claimed "A group of the corporations in AM, mostly station owners, were tired of a lot of the smaller corporations who were not keeping to standards. They had lax recruitment policies and were not bringing the fight to Ushra'Khan. On top of that, the old AM was full of spies. We wanted to form a new alliance to purge the fat and disease." Upon taking executive control of AM, ShadowandLight was reported as intending to reform the alliance under a new name - 'Retribution Incarnate' - and HROLT left Aegis Militia to form a new alliance.

According to Shooter McGaven of Demio's Corporation in Aegis Militia, "When the time came [for the sovereignty transfer] there was either a glitch or someone... didn't tell the exact truth... The exec of AM... dropped sovereignty at the same time in all systems... The new alliance was not ready to take back sovereignty in any of the systems... Aided by the mass confusion of many AM corps not knowing what was going on, U'K and AAA were able to come in and plant TCUs in most of the systems. What was left of AM... rallied and took out all the TCUs that U'K planted." TCUs are Territorial Claim Units, used to stake claims for sovereignty over a system.

Ushra'Khan officer BHaddow stated "To our understanding, there was an internal dispute within Aegis Militia that turned into a power grab. As a result of this their sovereignty was dropped... With Aegis Militia's alignment being pro-slavery, Ushra'Khan decided to step in to try and take sovereignty in some of the systems... We are not interested in holding the space for a long period of time, however the fight against slavery often forces one's hand... [This is] nothing of the scale we saw when we helped our allies AAA claim D-GTMI from Paxton Federation, however the fighting has been around the clock."

Shooter McGaven went on to report that the two alliances and the Providence Holders are working together to recover the lost systems and that the current plan is to have HROLT reintegrate Aegis Militia while a new leadership plan is being worked out.

Asked to comment on the Aegis Militia situation, Aralis (the executor of CVA) said that CVA was informed of the Aegis Militia decision to change leadership and added "This is an AM internal matter. We have confidence in HROLT and hope that the new alliance will go to greater heights... Our thanks to K5Project for his long leadership."

Following a yet-unexplained "quirk" which caused first Ushra'Khan and then Aegis Miltia to lose sovereignty shortly after taking it in 3D-CQU and Z-RFE3, Aegis Militia has now recovered control in four of the six lost systems: 0B-HLZ, 18XA-C, 3KB-J0 and I-MGAB. Fighting for sovereignty control is still currently underway in systems Z-RFE3 and 3D-CQU.

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