BREAKING NEWS: GoonSwarm Disband

Hulm, Heimatar - In the early hours of this morning, 03.02.112, GoonSwarm alliance disbanded.

All but two corporations from the GoonSwarm alliance are currently flying under no alliance ticker. The Goony Hand Social Club banking corporation remains in the shell of the alliance after trouble accessing it in the absence of GoonFleet CEO Karttoon led to the loss of sovereignty over key GoonFleet systems in Delve.

Reasons for the move are not yet known; given the recent decision to abandon the alliance's conquered space in Delve and Querious and return to their roots in Syndicate, coupled with the recent return of former alliance leader Darius JOHNSON, a restructure of the alliance seems possible, but no statement has been made at this time.

More news on the dissolution of GoonSwarm will follow as it comes in.

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