Battle for Control Heats Up in Placid

Alamel, Placid - At 05:46 on 14.02.112, Alamel solar system was resecured by Federal Defence Union forces. Alamel had been held by State Protectorate forces since 28.05.111.

A Gallente Control Bunker in AlamelLast year, a concerted effort by State Protectorate forces resulted in the capture of all systems controlled by the Federal Defence Union. This was followed by a long period of stasis as those forces which remained active in the FDU mostly focused on engaging the Caldari State's forces away from their military installations and those who continued to target the FDU's military objectives were simply unable to break the State Protectorate's hold.

This year has seen the Federal Defence Union once again contesting Caldari State-held systems. Alsavoinon was returned to Gallente Federation sovereignty on the 07.02.112 but 31 other Gallente systems remain under Caldari State control.

The State Protectorate are far from allowing the FDU to proceed unopposed. Efforts have already begun to retake Alamel, which currently stands contested and on the 08.02.112, they captured the Placid system of Hevrice for the second time, after it had been resecured by the FDU on the second of this year. Currently no systems originally held by the Caldari State rest in Gallente hands.

GalNet References

Alamel Liberated by Gallente Militia
Hevrice Retaken
Alsavoinon Liberated by Gallente Militia

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