Alliances settle in Geminate after Wildly Inappropriate. deploys to Pure Blind

ZYL-FT, Geminate - The WI. deployment away from Geminate has left the region up for grabs by several new entrants, among which are Red Alliance [RED], SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] and Ad Astra. Some of the allies of Atlas Alliance [ATLAS] in the war effort over the past few months are now settling into their newly claimed territories and using its resources to strengthen their positions.

With a long history of involvements in this area, Ad Astra. collaborated with ATLAS during the war and was in charge of opening up a second front against Wildly Inappropriate. [WI.] in "West" Geminate. They have now settled in the ZYL-FT Constellation. Paulo fr of Ad Astra. reported "We didn't fleet with ATLAS/Cult of War/Gentlemen's Club. The goal was to put pressure on WI. in another [part] of Geminate." In that way, paulo explained, Ad Astra. could use the 250-ship fleets resulting from Atlas "Calls to Arms" to inflict as much damage as possible on Wildly Inappropriate's infrastructure, destroying or reinforcing their towers. "We... kept pressure on them, R.A.G.E and Majesta Empire by roaming... preventing their pilots from making money."

On the 26.01.112, the last three former WI. outposts in Geminate were taken over by Red Alliance and SOLAR FLEET, while Atlas has turned to the systems which had been occupied by Get Off My Lawn after WI.'s departure, particularly O-VWPB, which houses a valuable Technetium-yielding moon.

Red Alliance member Lux Nifertari explained that his alliance was blue to Atlas and SOLAR during the conflict. "ATLAS wanted fun [while] we and SOLAR wanted space." Lux added that with their main goal achieved, RED now plans on using its part of Geminate to "power up" the Alliance. "People may ask - why Geminate? The answer is simple: we were allied with the Northern Coalition and tried to help all we could, but they left us without any help versus ATLAS in Insmother."

In Insmother, Red Alliance undertook an aggressive campaign against some of the alliances affiliated with Atlas, until they were offered help by their former enemies. "They made the offer to help us handle some space. We connected with SOLAR and decided to attack Geminate. [People thought that] RED was dead [so we] attacked Geminate [to show that] RED is alive."

According to Lux, RED plans on staying in Geminate for as long as possible and are currently focused on keeping blue standings in the region to allow the farming of resources.

Paulo fr of Ad Astra. confirmed that their main goal had been the removal of Wildly Inappropriate. from Geminate, but that his alliance would maintain blue standings with RED and SOLAR while they "make Geminate safer for all of us." He further stated "[We plan] to reset standings soon and become nice neighbours."

The future doesn't look entirely rosy to paulo fr, however. "R.A.G.E and Majesta Empire should be back soon... the NC blob will be back [once] they are finished in Pure Blind. Pandemic Legion has also moved in to the V-MZW0 system. We prefer to save money for further campaigns and want to be there for the final fight for Geminate."

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Wildly Inappropriate Alliance Redeploys to Pure Blind

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