The Providence War: Part IV – The Return of Unity

9UY4-H, Providence - "Deliverance Reclaimed" outpost in 9UY4-H system fell to Ushra'Khan [UNITY] on the 08.02.112, with system sovereignty falling into their hands the following day. Ushra'Khan have been fighting Amarr loyalists Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] in Providence for half a decade; they originally held sovereignty in the system which was home to their first outpost, "Unity Station" until it was conquered by CVA.

Ushra'Khan allied with Against ALL Authorities, who currently reside in Catch adjacent to Providence, after the losing their space in Providence in the so-called "Unity War" of 109 and joined AAA in their retributive invasion of Providence following incursions by Providence Holders into AAA space in Catch.

9UY4-H StationThe siege of 9UY4-H station lasted less than a week and on 08.02.112 the station fell to Ushra'Khan. UNITY are claimed by the Providence Holders as a major enemy of Amarr interests in New Eden. Sources among the Holder alliances of Providence claim 9UY4-H system is an important trade hub and of strategic value as a central location for most access routes to Empire space.

AAA was reported to have brought over 400 pilots to the siege, fielding several super-capital vessels.

Karn Mithralia of Ushra'Khan said that his alliance has waited a long time for this opportunity.

Regarding the invasion of AAA's systems in Catch, Karn expressed surprise at the turn of events. "CVA is usually cautious and skilled in strategic decision making. The timing of the war in Querious was perhaps coincidental, but regardless, it was obvious AAA would not walk over this [move] so close to [their] home systems."

"We have worked for near three years building our strength, undermining the enemy, breaking their Holders and throwing as much energy as we could into our allies wars so they would have reason to do the same for us.

"Nothing inspires Ushra'Khan to fight like the opportunity to fight slavers and their Holders. We were already fighting [alongside AAA], fully committed, are used to working together, have good [communication systems] in place, fleet discipline and knowledge of what to expect from each other. Yet even then we didn't expect to stand so soon once again in Unity Station; we knew our allies in AAA respected CVA's settlement efforts in Providence and expected some level of return to status quo, we hatched our plans to move on other weak points but then again things played to our favour."

Karn Mithralia considered 'Amarrian hubris' to be the major factor that lead to CVA not backing down, which in turn lead to AAA and allies assaulting Providence with full strength.

AAA's other allies, Systematic Chaos were heavily involved in D-GTMI and 9UY4-H; "freespace" and transhumanist alliance Star Fraction are independently invading the space of CVA's allies Sev3rance in western Providence and ATLAS have sent roaming gangs into Providence to engage Holder forces.

Asked to comment on his alliance's plans for the conflict, Karn Mithralia first expressed his surprise at the lack of resistance when entering 9UY4-H and then added "We need to secure our hold, it's early since we have taken [only] one station. Providence is a highly-populated space. It is possible that CVA and their Holders will rally in Northern Providence about their home systems. And I have no doubt Sev3rance won't go down without a fight."

Aralis of CVA considers this capture as "more of a problem for them than for us", since the opposing forces are now left deep inside the Providence Holders territory and this exposes them to facilitated CVA offensive actions. Members of CVA continue to express confidence in public that Unity Station will return to its Amarrian name of Deliverance in due course, but Unity station provides a toe-hold not just for AAA but for Ushra'Khan's other allies in the anti-slavery and Minmatar loyalist movements. Aralis (executor of CVA) has stated that he is prepared for a long war - exactly the course it will take remains to be seen.

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Against ALL Authorities Battle Records - 9UY4-H

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