Contest Prize Mimir Was Used in Combat Before Award

Jita, The Forge - Contest prize vessels for the "Ships of Eve" event run by T'Amber have been flown in combat by F90OEX, the third party entrusted with holding them for the future winner, at T'Amber's instruction.

When T'Amber first began her lotteries, most of the ships she awarded as prizes were ships from her own private collection which were all built by herself and her corporation members. As she explained in an interview, it was a collection built up with ISK earned from a considerate amount of time spent researching and manufacturing T2 components and ships.

Like many lottery hosts, T'Amber of Ships of Eve has placed her contest prizes in the hands of a trusted third party, F90OEX, to guarantee to participants that their prize will be received. Recently, he held a very rare Mimir cruiser that T'Amber will eventually award to the winner of the Ships of Eve Frigate Tournament.

F90OEX claims he was asked by T'Amber herself to use the Mimir in combat in Jita during the course of the lottery. This resulted in what is believed to be the first kill with a Mimir.

F90OEX revealed: "She asked me to use the Mimir and get kills with it so it would have some history for the lottery." F90OEX maintains that he would never use the ships he is trusted with if he was not asked.

An independent and reputable third party to hold prizes or funds is commonly considered an essential safeguard for competitors in any sort of event or competition with an entry fee. They promote safety, legitimacy, and make processes more secure for the customers.

Grendell, a well-known third party "Trust Service" provider observed "If a prize is a ship and it is meant for a lottery, I would say the third party should not use it. As it is specifically a prize for the lottery."

It is generally believed that lotteries rely on trust to be successful. Trust can be a rare commodity in New Eden, and although some capsuleers like the ships they win to have a history, others may think twice about putting their efforts and ISK into lotteries if they knew their prize had previously been used. If a ship were lost, however, T'Amber has a contingency plan. "Plan A: There are spare rare ships of the same type and others of the same ship class available to replace any potential losses. Plan B; F90OEX is filthy rich."

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