Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

6th Annual Holiday Spirit Event Ends In Success

  • YC112-12-29

    ​ Inoue, The Citadel - Last Thursday, capsuleer Holiday Spirit held his 6th Holiday Spirit event, giving out presents and getting the attending capsuleers into a festive mood. Hours before the location was officially announced, Spirit gave out a hint and it was soon believed that the event would be taking place in Inoue. Following that discovery, capsuleers started moving in from all over New Eden gathering in empire space to celebrate Christmas. When Holiday Spirit finally arrived, there was much [...]

    Gambling Sees Trillions of ISK in Turnover

    • YC112-12-21

      ​ Jita, The Forge - The market for gambling has grown steadily over the last few years, with lotteries, entry-feed contests and casino-style gaming being offered by and to capsuleers by organizers ranging from large corporations to individual pilots. Capsuleers very commonly seek ways to accrue ISK and assets for as little time away from the battlefield or other interests as possible. With betting offering a chance - a far from certain chance - for a ten- to hundred-fold return on investment, its [...]

      6th Annual Galactic Giveaway Scheduled

      • YC112-12-21

        ​ Jita, The Forge - On 23.12.112, capsuleer Holiday Spirit will be holding his 6th Annual Galactic Giveaway, inviting pilots from across New Eden to gather and celebrate a traditional seasonal festival. As in previous years, the event will take place in high security space to prevent violent incidents and Holiday Spirit has said that everyone is welcome to join the celebration and spread the festive mood. Traditionally, every attendant will receive a present, which Spirit says come in "all shapes and [...]

        IT Alliance Saves Unfinished Titan in C3N-3S

        • YC112-12-13

          ​ C3N-3S , On 12.12.112 over 1,500 pilots engaged in battle over a starbase that had become a regional target of opportunity. The starbase is the home of a titan construction project run by IT Alliance. Titan construction takes months and requires a starbase to carry out the assembly operations. The starbase in C3N-3S is currently building a titan for Lady Scarlet and was put into reinforced mode earlier this week. IT Alliance recalled much of their capital fleet from Catch to defend the starbase. The [...]

          Sansha Uplinks Completed in Anyed

          • YC112-12-13

            ​ Anyed, Genesis - Late last week, over 600 capsuleers from across New Eden gathered in Anyed to repel a Sansha incursion but contrary to earlier reports of a total victory for capsuleer defenders of the system, Nation completed its own objectives, with Sansha commanders in the system uplinking unknown data to an unknown source. DutchGunner, a member of Onorata Societa who was in the system during the attempted attack, said "The forces have all been destroyed, including the capital assets that have [...]

            Amarr Loyalists Push into Minmatar Territory in Metropolis

            • YC112-12-12

              ​​ Floseswin, Metropolis - Recent events have seen Amarr Empire corporations, including long-time loyalists 1st Praetorian Guard [1PG] push forward to "reclaim" systems in the Minmatar Republic for the Empire. Borakh Tieberius of 1PG said that by following "the vision" of Legatus Gangleri, his corporation has focused mainly on the Aset cluster in Metropolis which has seen them capture systems such as Floseswin, Turnur and Isbrabata. "The vision is about vigilance, dedication, cooperation, and of [...]

              Raven State Issue Ship to be Auctioned

              • YC112-12-10

                ​​ Jita, THE FORGE - Capsuleer F90OEX is currently holding an auction that may end with one of the largest sums ever paid in a single transaction. F90OEX is auctioning a Raven State Issue currently in his possession. Only four of these hulls were ever built; the ships were awarded to the Band of Brothers alliance as grand prize for winning the 3rd Alliance Tournament held roughly four years ago. As he wrote in his opening post on GalNet, F90OEX believes it to be unlikely that a Raven State Issue will [...]

                More Than 400 Titans Recorded in New Eden

                • YC112-12-09

                  ​​ Yulai, Genesis - More than 400 titans are currently operating in New Eden, according to a list maintained by Cyrus Doul of Systematic Chaos. While this number alone seems large, it is likely that the actual number of operational titans is significantly greater due to the care taken in deploying the vessels and the number used solely for logistical tasks. A single titan takes approximately one month to build and costs approximately 35 billion ISK in raw materials for the hull alone. When the ships [...]

                  Cold Fusion Syndicate Disband

                  • YC112-12-07

                    ​ Deltole, Sinq Laison - Cold Fusion Syndicate [CFS] has officially disbanded after more than 3 years as a successful high security industrial alliance. Former Vice President of CFS, Aelana Anais, said a major factor in the decision to disband was that the tech 1 ship market in the region is "a mess right now" and it had become "increasingly difficult to fund and maintain the alliance" as they had relied heavily on their tech 1 ship building business She also suggested that corporations and alliances [...]

                    Fleet Coordination Commission Offers Uniting Front Against Nation Incursions

                    • YC112-12-06

                      ​ Deltole, Sinq Laison - Sansha's Nation incursions have increased both in frequency and force since the end of last month. Sansha dropships removed large populations from Oruse, Serren III and Josekorn, while the collective efforts of opposing capsuleers successfully routed Nation forces from Deltole and evacuated Anyed VII and Antem IV and V before Nation forces could attack. One corporation, the Fleet Coordination Commision [FCORD] was founded to offer a fast and intuitive way for capsuleers to [...]

                      Show of Force Brings Over 1,000 Pilots to Nation Space

                      • YC112-12-06

                        ​ LGK-VP, Stain - Over a thousand capsuleers engaged each other in Stain on the 04.12.112, fighting around the Nation-affiliated True Power Assembly Plant station orbiting LGK-VP V moon 3 in what many claim to be a protest or show of force following Sansha's Nation's attack on Oruse. Several groups attempted, unsuccessfully, to assault the station but many turned their fire on each other, with organizations such as IT Alliance battling head on with Against All Authorities around the station. The [...]

                        Sansha’s Nation Invade Oruse

                        • YC112-12-01

                          ​ Oruse, Solitude - Sansha 's Nation began an invasion of Oruse at approximately 22:00 last night, as predicted by hidden messages, apparently independently discovered by Arklan1 of Dunedan Rangers and Culmen of Blood Phage Syndicate in Nation network transmissions that have now been verified and deciphered by multiple independent capsuleers. Prior to the attack, Eleutherian Guard pilot Seriphyn Inhonores and Anslo of First Flying Wing Inc claim to have attempted an evacuation of Oruse II, but the [...]