Cold Fusion Syndicate Disband

Deltole, Sinq Laison - Cold Fusion Syndicate [CFS] has officially disbanded after more than 3 years as a successful high security industrial alliance.

Former Vice President of CFS, Aelana Anais, said a major factor in the decision to disband was that the tech 1 ship market in the region is "a mess right now" and it had become "increasingly difficult to fund and maintain the alliance" as they had relied heavily on their tech 1 ship building business

She also suggested that corporations and alliances living in high security space will always have a problem with "griefer corporations" moving into their regions. She felt this also contributed to CFS disbanding as there was a "marked increase of griefer activity and wardec corps" in the Sinq Laison region.

The decision to disband, Aelana revealed, was made more difficult by the "very tight community" they had established within the alliance. The community was also the reason that Aelana gave as CFS lasting so long, claiming that former members have stayed in touch despite parting ways.

The community seems to have created a lasting memory among the former members, with former senior member of management in CFS, Vaerla Myshtana exclaiming: "In the darkness of Hulkageddon... my heart beats strongly knowing that out there dwell the Sons of Eethrak and I long for the day when they may rise up in a Great Carebear Crusade against those who perversely lust for misery."

Aelana's words suggest that other industrial corporations and alliances could be at risk as more aggressive corporations and alliances spread across New Eden. As a final word, she had this to say to the former capsuleers of CFS: "Fly safe, or however you want to fly, and keep in touch."

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