IT Alliance Saves Unfinished Titan in C3N-3S

C3N-3S , On 12.12.112 over 1,500 pilots engaged in battle over a starbase that had become a regional target of opportunity. The starbase is the home of a titan construction project run by IT Alliance.

Titan construction takes months and requires a starbase to carry out the assembly operations. The starbase in C3N-3S is currently building a titan for Lady Scarlet and was put into reinforced mode earlier this week.

IT Alliance recalled much of their capital fleet from Catch to defend the starbase.

The battle involved more than 1,500 capsuleer; 600 of them IT Alliance. The opposition force of about 900 pilots was an "opportunity alliance" including the Deklein Coalition, Red Overlord and Against All Authorities.

IT Alliance fielded about 90 logistics carrier along with 10 titans and 30 motherships.

Due to the cynosural jamming in effect in C3N-3S, the opposition fleet chose to bring a fleet of Maelstroms and Drakes.

As the Maelstrom fleet focused on the tower trying to out damage the IT Alliance carriers repairing it, the IT capital fleet slowly knocked them down.

When the battle finally ended, the starbase was still standing and it appears the unfinished titan is safe.

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