Sansha’s Nation Invade Oruse

Oruse, Solitude - Sansha 's Nation began an invasion of Oruse at approximately 22:00 last night, as predicted by hidden messages, apparently independently discovered by Arklan1 of Dunedan Rangers and Culmen of Blood Phage Syndicate in Nation network transmissions that have now been verified and deciphered by multiple independent capsuleers.

Sansha Fleet in OrusePrior to the attack, Eleutherian Guard pilot Seriphyn Inhonores and Anslo of First Flying Wing Inc claim to have attempted an evacuation of Oruse II, but the Archon carrier, The Ifrit , was destroyed by Rote Kapelle forces.

Many capsuleers, including those from the corporation The Revenent Defence Corporation [R.D.C], entered the system in a bid to push back the invading forces from Sansha's Nation but as of midnight last night, pilots were facing strong opposition and Nation reinforcements were coming thick and fast.

Both sides sustained heavy losses, but Sansha's Nation were holding their own and dominating the area around Oruse II.

The True Citizen leading the assault, Citizen Astur, claimed to have successfully "uplifted" a significant portion of the planet's population some time before a heavy Pandemic Legion fleet entered the system and engaged and destroyed the majority of the Sansha forces, including Astur's own Wyvern super-carrier, though an alleged third-party report published by Pandemic Legion pilot Elize Randolph today claims that the population were saved. There has so far been no statement by planetary authorities to verify the claims of either side.

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