More Than 400 Titans Recorded in New Eden

​​ Yulai, Genesis - More than 400 titans are currently operating in New Eden, according to a list maintained by Cyrus Doul of Systematic Chaos. While this number alone seems large, it is likely that the actual number of operational titans is significantly greater due to the care taken in deploying the vessels and the number used solely for logistical tasks.

An Erebus Titan at Alliance Tournament VIIIA single titan takes approximately one month to build and costs approximately 35 billion ISK in raw materials for the hull alone. When the ships first became available, constructing one was often a project undertaken by a whole alliance, and wars were fought in order to put down the ships before they could even be launched.

The first titan, CYVOK's Avatar, belonging to CYVOK of Ascendant Frontier, was unveiled more than four years ago, almost a year after titan blueprints were released. Many more followed and their number has grown rapidly over the years.

Doul's list now shows 402 publically-known titans with many alliances owning far more than one; IT alliance is said to have about 68 titans at their disposal and Morsus Mihi has an alleged total of 32.

Doul's list, however, might not cover all titans currently in existence. Titan commander BadGirl84 of IT alliance estimated another "100 or more unknown titans." She explained that her vessel is most frequently used for logistical operations, such as opening jump portals for allied combat or transport fleets, or in a fleet support capacity, running warfare links from a discrete location in system rather than directly engaging.

She found it natural for more titans to appear as pilots grow more experienced and anticipates that titans will lose much of their appeal as they would appear much more often become even more common in the future.

An Ev0ke fleet commander, who preferred to remain anonymous, explained that their titans are also most often deployed for logistical operations, but also see occasional use in the destruction of lone, unprepared capital ships through their doomsday devices.

Both interviewees agreed on one point, which was the threat large supercapital fleets pose to young and relatively small alliances. BadGirl84 said "If they want to get into 0.0, they have to ally with someone who is there or rent space."

GalNet References

List of known titans - This list, maintained by Cyrus Doul on the Corporation, Alliance and Organization Discussion Board, is the most up-to-date, publically-available list of known titans.

A second, collaboratively-maintained list of known titans has become out of date, along with its companion list of destroyed titans.

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