Sansha Uplinks Completed in Anyed

Anyed, Genesis - Late last week, over 600 capsuleers from across New Eden gathered in Anyed to repel a Sansha incursion but contrary to earlier reports of a total victory for capsuleer defenders of the system, Nation completed its own objectives, with Sansha commanders in the system uplinking unknown data to an unknown source.

Capsuleers Battle with Sansha Forces in AnyedDutchGunner, a member of Onorata Societa who was in the system during the attempted attack, said "The forces have all been destroyed, including the capital assets that have been deployed by Sansha forces."

The Sansha have shown in previous attacks, however, that their own lives are little valued compared to campaign objectives, as illustrated by their common practice of leaving one leader behind in a capital ship to safeguard a withdrawal. It has also been shown that their cloning methods, or equivalent thereof, are rapid, mobile and highly accurate, enabling a True Slave or True Citizen to return fully oriented to the battlefield within minutes of their first demise if a vessel can be procured. Many Nation pilots and troopers have been quoted as saying, "There is no death in Nation."

Network captures released to the Federation Navy by CONCORD and made public on the twelfth of this month suggest that attacks on planets in Anyed, Antem and Imya were purely diversionary and further imply that information procured from Nation feeds was deliberately misleading, exploiting capsuleers' access to their network.

Omune Balenne of the Federation Navy says:

_"This is, I believe, a piece of 'intel' that the Sansha purposefully crafted in certain ways to mislead us, while still relaying information to whatever 'entities' might be out there, at the other end of these transmissions. I watched as one of the Nation Commanders, Slave 32152, was destroyed. Yet just before the Chimera was torn apart, she transmitted in local comms: 'Uplink Established.'

This leads us to believe that Nation forces were only vulnerable for certain periods - a theory backed up by the information revealed in Node 07. That, outside of a specific window of time, their downfall would no longer affect this operation.

This means, then, that the destruction of the Nation capital came, so painfully, only seconds too late."_

Syfa of Anshar Incorporated denounced the Nation attack as "Despicable and deplorable. The Sansha rob people of their free will."

Sansha's Nation forces were slaughtered at Anyed, but not defeated. The Nation commanders present apparently completed their "assembly" and transmitted still unknown data through the uplinks they established.

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Understanding the Sansha Threat - an analysis by Omune Balenne of the Federation Navy.

Image capture provided by Markus Reese.

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