Show of Force Brings Over 1,000 Pilots to Nation Space

LGK-VP, Stain - Over a thousand capsuleers engaged each other in Stain on the 04.12.112, fighting around the Nation-affiliated True Power Assembly Plant station orbiting LGK-VP V moon 3 in what many claim to be a protest or show of force following Sansha's Nation's attack on Oruse.

Several groups attempted, unsuccessfully, to assault the station but many turned their fire on each other, with organizations such as IT Alliance battling head on with Against All Authorities around the station.

The system, under the sovereignty of Sansha's Nation, accumulated such a mass of ships that spatial distortions shut down all local communications.

This surge in activity in Sansha-controlled space is thought to be a backlash against their recent assault on Oruse, according to multiple intelligence channels.

There has so far been no comment from Nation representatives on the display, but remarks allegedly broadcast over the Nation Relay by an unnamed source on 03.12.112 indicated that an analysis by The Cosmopolite of Star Fraction showed "a growing sophistication of understanding." His analysis suggested that the Sansha's actions in the past indicate a need to control space itself which is challenged by pod pilots and threw down a challenge to Nation: "If it is the case that Sansha Kuvakei fears the rising power of the capsuleer class and is truly determined to act against us, then we must show him the consequences of such a course in no uncertain terms."

Over a thousand New Eden capsuleers battled each other within the LGK-VP system around a Sansha's Nation station that provides a base of operations for a number of True Power surveillance agents. Whether, in the eyes of Sansha's Nation, this display served to demonstrate the power of capsuleers, is yet unknown.

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