Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Latest Jita Scam Explained

  • YC112-10-31

    Shortly after publication of our Capsuleer Fights Back Against Latest Jita Scam article, several capsuleers provided us additional information on the latest scam which involves artificially created buy and sell orders and is further compounded by the privileges accorded to capsuleers trained in Margin Trading. Dasani Waters summarizes: "If a capsuleer manages to collect enough of the rare items to fill the order, he or she will find that upon trying to sell the items, the order will disappear and an [...]

    Tau Ceti Federation Disbands

    • YC112-10-31

      Tau Ceti Federation [TCF] has disbanded after four years of operation. The alliance was formed in YC108 with the goal of uniting French capsuleers under one alliance. At the time of closing, [TCF] had four corporations in the alliance including Le Cercle, Epsilon Lyr, Blue Sun, and Nemesis. Previous member corporations included Alcatraz Inc., now a member of Tactical Narcotics Team. Aranthil announced the closure via GalNet on 26/10/10; "We were decaying from a few months, becoming a shadow of our [...]

      Second Assault on LXQ2-T by Northern Coalition Forces Commences

      • YC112-10-30

        Wave two of the Northern Coalition's assault on Legion of xXDEATHXx's solar system and station 'Iridium Plaza' in LXQ2-T has begun. At 20:00 New Eden Time today, over 2,300 capsuleers from the Northern Coalition and Legion of xXDEATHXx engaged in battle over the 'Iridium Plaza' outpost. A Fleet Commander for the Northern Coalation commented that Legion of xXDEATHXx members appeared to be breaking off the engagement, "they tried to jump out but they seemed to have more issues with [spatial anomolies] [...]

        Pandemic Legion Future Uncertain

        • YC112-10-29

          It has come to the attention of the Interstellar Correspondents that in the next few days the future of Pandemic Legion will be decided, with strong talk indicating they will be disbanding. Rifts have apparently occured inside the alliance with many members becoming disillusioned by the lack of leadership and activity. Wrik Hoover, of North Eastern Swat [NESW] said "a lot of operations were cancelled due [to fleet commander's not showing up]." Emergency meetings have apparently taken place with [...]

          T.R.I.A.D. Mission System Celebrates Third Year

          • YC112-10-29

            T.R.I.A.D Celebrates its third year of offering private agents and campaigns to the capsuleers of New Eden. T.R.I.A.D began development in YC108 and offers a multitude of mission types for capsuleers. Missions are added regularly to broaden the appeal of this type of agency. Det Resprox, CEO of T.R.I.A.D explained the Campaigns that are available within the corporation, "Once a pilot accepts a 'Campaign', he becomes its fleet commander and other agency pilots can join the mission, which could take [...]

            Capsuleer Owned Lottery Sold for 20 Billion ISK

            • YC112-10-28

              Ships of EvE, a corporation and lottery event run by T'Amber, has been sold for twenty billion ISK to capsuleer Selene D'Celeste. Ships of EvE is a lottery known throughout New Eden for it's large payouts. In a special edition of Ships of Eve, T'Amber spent 50 billion ISK for an Adrestia cruiser to place into the event, which was won by capsuleer Darthion Illys. T'Amber Announced on October 22 that she would be leaving New Eden, and that all of her associated corporations and assets would be sold off. [...]

              Northern Coalition Engage Legion of xXDeathXx in LXQ2-T

              • YC112-10-27

                Earlier this evening, Northern Coalition forces assaulted Legion of xXDEATHXx assets in the LXQ2-T solar system. At least 600 pilots in total were within the system during the assault as Legion of xXDEATHXx attempted to stop the Northern Coalition attack. After destroying the system's I-HUB (Infrastructure Hub), Northern Coalition turned their guns on the outpost 'Iridium Plaza'. The outpost was placed into reinforced mode at approximately 20:10 New Eden time. Junior SvK, a NC fleet commander [...]

                Mixed Metaphor Withdraws Support for Gallente Federation

                • YC112-10-27

                  Late last month, Mixed Metaphor [MXD] corporation officially withdrew support from both the Gallente Federation and its militia claiming SDII's policies as the reason. MXD CEO Andreus Ixiris explains: "Recent activities by members of the [Special Division of Internal Investigations] have brought me to realise just how much of a betrayal of the Federation's principles the SDII actually is." Although referencing an incident last year, MXD did not offer any recent "official" proof of wrong-doing nor [...]

                  Capsuleer Offers Support to Destroyed Theatre

                  • YC112-10-27

                    Pator, Heimatar - Recently, capsuleer Borgholio offered relief in the form of ISK to The Minmatar People's Theatre to help with the reconstruction efforts after the main stage had been bombed last month as part of a protest by the Minmatar right-wing organisation Free our Families [FOF]. FOF members had claimed responsibility for destroying the stage as a reaction to the continued showing of the controversial play 'Plantation'. The Scope also reported that the theatre's director had faced death [...]

                    Einherjar Alliance Disbands

                    • YC112-10-27

                      Cistuvaert , Verge Vendor. Einherjar Alliance [THOR-] has closed its doors following the mutual withdrawal of the two remaining executive corporations: TalCorp Enterprises [LTCE] and Forging Industries [FORG]. Einherjar had previously been active in Tash-Murkon and Domain in Empire space and Providence and Great Wildlands in null sec. Operating a strictly Not Red Don't Shoot policy (NRDS), the alliance had engaged in general anti-pirate operations including support of Curatores Veritatis [CVA] [...]

                      R.A.G.E alliance claims Sovereignty in The Kalevala Expanse

                      • YC112-10-25

                        BZ-BCK, The Kalevala Expanse - Earlier today R.A.G.E Alliance claimed Sovereignty in 8 Systems of the Kalevala Expanse after heavy fighting, owning now almost the whole 2Q-8WA constellation. R.A.G.E alliance is part of the Northern Coalition (together with Morsus Mihi, RAZOR, Majesta Empire and more). The NC began an invasion of The Kalevala Expanse in the western Drone regions a few days ago. The current long-term owners of the Drone regions (Legion of xXDeathXx, Red Alliance and others) and their [...]

                        Capsuleer Fights Back Against Latest Jita Scam

                        • YC112-10-24

                          Jita is a notorious haven in New Eden for scamming. Being the primary trade hub within New Eden, capsuleers come to Jita with the intention of buying or selling items, and some capsuleers fall foul of varied and crafty scams. There is the most common form of scam; offering to "double your ISK" by claiming to send you twice the amount you send them. Some scammers will send back double of small amounts of ISK in the hopes that you will send back larger amounts for doubling after your 'test'. Needless to [...]

                          Twenty Billion ISK Kronos Goes Down

                          • YC112-10-21

                            Earlier this month a Kronos-class marauder owned by mission runner Willbur was destroyed by capsuleer pirates in the Irjunen solar system. The loss is estimated at about 19.7 Billion ISK. Willbur, a member of IMpAct Corporation, was assaulted by ten members of 'The Inf1dels'. The pirate fleet was comprised of eight Raven's, one Tempest, and one Armageddon. Some of the more expensive modules that were lost in the attack included; Chelm's Modified Cap Recharger, (8,000.00 M ISK), Selynne's Modified Cap [...]

                            EACS Sold for 10.6 Billion ISK

                            • YC112-10-20

                              Rens, Heimatar. Estel Arador's Corp Services [EACS] has been sold at auction for 10.6bn ISK. The new owner, Alacta Lithia, took control of EACS operations earlier this week following a smooth handover. Ms. Lithia of Carniffles Corp [CARNI] had by her own admission extended herself precariously in order to remain in the bidding: "I have basically invested all of my spare ISK ... even selling off some spare assets to raise the ISK required." She also stated she does not forsee any real potential for [...]

                              Loyalist Capsuleers Publish Amarr Influenced Prayer Book

                              • YC112-10-20

                                Last month, the capsuleer owned Khanid Publishing House Ltd. released their Book of Prayer and Devotions for the Reclaimer, a compilation of prayers and holy scriptures designed for loyalist Amarr capsuleers. The Book is available to every capsuleer free of charge. It is 30 pages long and includes words of faith, prayers for battle troops and officers, benedictions and sermons. The book was written by Odelya d'Hanguest of the 1st Praetorian Guard; "The first goal [is] to humbly offer a small spiritual [...]

                                New Eden Assembly Presidential Elections Underway

                                • YC112-10-15

                                  The New Eden Assembly's first presidential election is currently underway. The NEA, formed this past August, is lead by Benjamin Shepherd and has been described as "a union of capsuleers from all empires and organizations, discussing and debating resolutions to universal issues." The endeavor has attracted several high profile capsuleers incuding Elsebeth Rhiannon & several members of Moira. The new initiative allows every capsuleer the opportunity to voice an opinion within the assembly. It has [...]

                                  Capsuleer Jump Clone Service to be Auctioned Off

                                  • YC112-10-13

                                    Rens , Heimatar. Estel Arador Corp Services [EACS] will be be sold to the highest bidder this week. The corporation has been speculatively valued, based on past donations from satisifed customers, at between six and eight billion ISK; with no value placed on one thousand extant 'novelty' shares. Current CEO and founder Estel Arador told the Interstellar Correspondents that "due to changing personal circumstances" he would no longer be able to take an active hand in the day to day administration of the [...]

                                    Thirty Billion ISK Paladin Goes Down

                                    • YC112-10-09

                                      Cat, Esssence - A Paladin class marauder worth an estimated thirty billion ISK was recently destroyed in a coordinated high-security suicide attack. Professional salvagers or 'Ninjas' are believed to have stalked their victim for two days and through several systems before springing a carefully calculated ambush on the Vale gate in Cat, Eustron constellation. Despite ultimately succumbing to CONCORD the gang of capsuleers and accomplices from five different corporations managed to escape with booty [...]

                                      Freighter Loss Causes Turmoil In Alliance

                                      • YC112-10-07

                                        RILERA, KHANID - Early last month, pirates belonging to the Without Remorse alliance destroyed a freighter piloted by Tardass of Synchronized Elements of Alligned Lethality in Rilera during their regular hunting operation. This loss brought the existing internal tensions in the alliance to the breaking point. The freighter was carrying a large amount of assorted materiel as a part of the Soldiers of Solitude alliance's push to low security space in their first step towards a null security existence. [...]

                                        Large Capital Ship Fleet Used to Seize Wormhole, 100 Billion ISK Lost

                                        • YC112-10-01

                                          A few weeks ago, Aperture Harmonics [AHARM] moved 16 capital ships into a wormhole to engage Capital Construction Research [CCRES] for control of the wormhole. The inherent instability of wormholes made this task difficult and time consuming. The mass of capital ships passing through a wormhole can collapse the opening after only one or two ships have gone through. In addition, [CCRES] was aware of the pending invasion and made every effort to prematurely collapse any opening they could scan down. [...]