EACS Sold for 10.6 Billion ISK

Rens, Heimatar. Estel Arador's Corp Services [EACS] has been sold at auction for 10.6bn ISK. The new owner, Alacta Lithia, took control of EACS operations earlier this week following a smooth handover.

Ms. Lithia of Carniffles Corp [CARNI] had by her own admission extended herself precariously in order to remain in the bidding: "I have basically invested all of my spare ISK ... even selling off some spare assets to raise the ISK required."

She also stated she does not forsee any real potential for profit running the EACS service: "From an investment point of view, it will not offer very good returns if the same average from donations are recieved due to the price tag."

"I decided that I would continue to run it as a free service to the EVE community. It was never my view to make huge profits from this."

"At present it is business as usual, EACS will continue to be run as a free service helping all with their jump clone needs. Estel (Arador) has helped a lot in the transition, giving me useful tips on how he handled the business."

When asked if the purchase of EACS represented a new stage in her career Ms. Lithia was optimistic: "Currently I have no plans for additional services and I am very much an unknown. But it was a thought that had crossed my mind; that the running of EACS would definitely raise my profile and at least be a name that some would recognize."

"So we will see what opportunites come up in the future, and what possible additional services I could start to offer..."

Outgoing CEO and founder, Estel Arador, declared himself satisfied with the outcome: "I do think the final price is fair. I had expected to get 10 billion, it turned out to be just slightly more."

He also stated his delight the service will remain free for the foreseeable future: "I am very pleased. As I've stated earlier, I believe it is a very important service for new capsuleers and I'm happy they'll still be able to get jump clones without paying a large fee."

"I hope everyone will continue to enjoy the services of EACS for a long time to come."

GalNet References

WTA: EACS (finished)
EACS - Free jumpclones; 1092 stations. (Business as usual)

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