New Eden Assembly Presidential Elections Underway

The New Eden Assembly's first presidential election is currently underway.

The NEA, formed this past August, is lead by Benjamin Shepherd and has been described as "a union of capsuleers from all empires and organizations, discussing and debating resolutions to universal issues." The endeavor has attracted several high profile capsuleers incuding Elsebeth Rhiannon & several members of Moira.

The new initiative allows every capsuleer the opportunity to voice an opinion within the assembly. It has gained some support within the GalNet community, with comments from capsuleers such as John revenent; "I have high hopes for this initiative, a capsuleer can accomplish much during times of war and turmoil, think of what we can be capable of in a time of peace and prosperity."

Although the NEA has been established to discuss interstellar matters, the organization holds no power over members or member organizations, and Elsebeth Rhiannon made a public statement in which she described the NEA as nothing more than "an interstellar debate club", concluding that the NEA would hold no authority over herself as an individual or any groups that she is associated with: "NEA absolutely holds no authority over my clan, corporation, alliance, or other organization I represent. My goal as a NEA councillor is neither to promote the interests of those organizations nor to seek peace with the known hostiles also on the council. It is simply to serve as one of the people facilitating open, free, safe, and respectful (as much as possible) communications between capsuleers of various factions."

The voting for president of the NEA will run for two weeks and ends October 21st YC112.

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