Freighter Loss Causes Turmoil In Alliance

RILERA, KHANID - Early last month, pirates belonging to the Without Remorse alliance destroyed a freighter piloted by Tardass of Synchronized Elements of Alligned Lethality in Rilera during their regular hunting operation. This loss brought the existing internal tensions in the alliance to the breaking point.

The freighter was carrying a large amount of assorted materiel as a part of the Soldiers of Solitude alliance's push to low security space in their first step towards a null security existence. Although kill records indicate the loss as having been between 300 and 400 billion ISK, this number is most likely exaggerated due to blue print copies mistakenly estimated at blue print original costs. Despite the discrepancy, the pirates claim to have looted 2.5 billion ISK worth of materiel from the wreck.

The freighter loss was the last straw that caused alliance leader Narahn to resign from his position and leave the alliance, blaming alliance members as the reason for the loss. As Narahn left, so did a majority of the corporations in the alliance leaving the "SOS loyalists" unsure what to do after this big a blow.

The new leader of SOS, Guardian Delgado, says that the resignation of Narahn severly blindsided the alliance. Members in SOS are still determined to take their place in 0.0 space. About the future of SOS, Delgado is optimistic and claims they will have a 'revival', "We plan to expand our ranks. We are a Family-Team. We plan to work like we have done just with a different tune." He says he doesn't have ill will towards Narahn despite his stormy exit from the alliance.

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