Capsuleer Owned Lottery Sold for 20 Billion ISK

Ships of EvE, a corporation and lottery event run by T'Amber, has been sold for twenty billion ISK to capsuleer Selene D'Celeste.

Ships of EvE is a lottery known throughout New Eden for it's large payouts. In a special edition of Ships of Eve, T'Amber spent 50 billion ISK for an Adrestia cruiser to place into the event, which was won by capsuleer Darthion Illys.

T'Amber Announced on October 22 that she would be leaving New Eden, and that all of her associated corporations and assets would be sold off. "This has been an awesome community to be a part of and it's been an interesting 4 years or more (especially the last year or so dedicated to the community) - But it's time for me to leave."

T'Amber encouraged her friends and enemies to leave comments in the thread as memories for her to preserve "If you have any particular memories, things you'd like to say or troll me with please do so in this thread so I have something to remember you all by."

Selene D'Celeste is best known for her Hold'Em poker games (EOH), a game which capsuleers have found quite popular; "All in all, a few hundred billion ISK is being bet every week," Selene D'Celeste explains.

Selene D'Celeste explained that T'Amber's departure for New Eden was saddening, however she hoped that she can bring future success to Ships of EvE "I'm sorry to be seeing T'Amber go, since I've always been a big fan (and supporter) of the SoE events. Hopefully I can put the name to good use in the future, and that this ISK will be useful to the shareholders during this closeout."

Ships of Eve was officially sold to Selene D'Celeste on October 24, only two days after the initial sale was advertised.

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