R.A.G.E alliance claims Sovereignty in The Kalevala Expanse

BZ-BCK, The Kalevala Expanse - Earlier today R.A.G.E Alliance claimed Sovereignty in 8 Systems of the Kalevala Expanse after heavy fighting, owning now almost the whole 2Q-8WA constellation.

R.A.G.E alliance is part of the Northern Coalition (together with Morsus Mihi, RAZOR, Majesta Empire and more). The NC began an invasion of The Kalevala Expanse in the western Drone regions a few days ago. The current long-term owners of the Drone regions (Legion of xXDeathXx, Red Alliance and others) and their ally White Noise set up heavy resistance.

The invasion rolls from northern Geminate, currently held by R.A.G.E, and focused the past days on establishing a bridgehead to The Kalevala Expanse by capturing the entry system UDVW-O. Massive battles raged for hours in that system. Both sides took heavy losses, more than 1000 ships destroyed, before Legion of xXDeathXx retreated. Shorter supply routes of the NC for reshipping destroyed ships (just one jump) played a vital strategical role.

Yesterday the battles continued, this time primarily in BZ-BCK. At first the defenders had the upper hand, a wing of a dozen skillful White Noise bombers wiped out almost 100 hostile battleships. But with NC reinforcements and heavy fighting, Legion of xXDeathXx's Territorial Control Unit got destroyed.

Today R.A.G.E claimed Sovereignty in 8 Systems, yielding the results from the intense battles of the previous days. Krutoj from Legion of xXDeathXx claims that "they were mostly empty systems ... and hold no meaning for us" and adds "we are glad ... getting fights so close to home".

Even though no supercapitals and almost no capitals were involved in fighting, the value of the destroyed ships goes into dozens of billions for both sides probably passing the 100 billion mark already.

Whether the NC can keep up the current pace of capturing systems remains to be seen. Anonymous high ranking sources in the NC though claim that "we aren't fighting for sov ... we are fighting for fun". Krutoj is more careful: "NC are still testing us..." and "[if they want] to conquer or not, I cant tell". But he is confident that "no ... alliance(s) in Eve ... would defeat us".

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