Tau Ceti Federation Disbands

Tau Ceti Federation [TCF] has disbanded after four years of operation. The alliance was formed in YC108 with the goal of uniting French capsuleers under one alliance. At the time of closing, [TCF] had four corporations in the alliance including Le Cercle, Epsilon Lyr, Blue Sun, and Nemesis. Previous member corporations included Alcatraz Inc., now a member of Tactical Narcotics Team.

Aranthil announced the closure via GalNet on 26/10/10; "We were decaying from a few months, becoming a shadow of our former self. Yesterday the leadership council decided this should end."

A majority of [TCF]'s previous corporations have now joined Goonswarm Federation, a member of the Northern Coalition.

In conclusion Aranthil announced that "We want to keep the memories of every hearth beating moment, of every breath we had together in this long adventure with our friends."

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