Latest Jita Scam Explained

Shortly after publication of our Capsuleer Fights Back Against Latest Jita Scam article, several capsuleers provided us additional information on the latest scam which involves artificially created buy and sell orders and is further compounded by the privileges accorded to capsuleers trained in Margin Trading.

Dasani Waters summarizes: "If a capsuleer manages to collect enough of the rare items to fill the order, he or she will find that upon trying to sell the items, the order will disappear and an error message will appear. The (overpriced) items will re-appear back in the capsuleer's hangar and no ISK will have been transferred to the scammer."

Since the scammer has the Margin Trading skill trained, he only needs to provide a percentage of the buy order price for the escrow on the buy order. Under normal conditions, as the buy order is filled, the escrow is paid to the seller and the remainder is drawn directly from the buyer's wallet. In the case of the scam, the "buyer's" wallet is left intentionally empty and the prospective seller will find the buy order cancelled due to lack of funds and the inflated goods left in his hangar.

As Dasani explained, "There is currently no way to tell whether a buy order has enough money behind it to cover the purchase, so even if you were to create the rare items yourself, you will find the transaction cancelled and the buy order disappearing right in front of you."

There have been additional discussions on GalNet about this scam. Due to the complexity of the scam, New Eden traders are still falling foul of these scams.

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