Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Querious - GoonSwarm Resecure H74-B0

  • YC111-04-30

    H74-B0, Querious - Following days of heavy fighting over control towers in the GoonSwarm-controlled system of H74-B0 in Querious, GoonSwarm and their allies were verified as being in complete control of the system in the evening of the 29th. Initially, according to AJ Regard of FinFleet (KenZoku), a KenZoku and allied forces fleet of approximately 170 people formed up in F-NXLQ system, while their friendlies, Against ALL Authorities and their allies rallied a force of 120 pilots in the adjacent system [...]

    Piracy Continues to Plague Wormhole Explorers

    • YC111-04-30

      Mannar, Everyshore - While the discovery of wormhole space has opened up opportunities to accumulate great riches, those who seek to exploit their discoveries would be wise to never let down their guard. With the discovery of so many untapped new systems, many capsuleers have sought to capitalize on these remote locations, travelling ever deeper in search of wealth via massive industrial efforts. However, there are those who seek another means of gaining wealth; piracy. An example of an organized [...]

      The Dust Has Settled

      • YC111-04-29

        Writing for the Interstellar Correspondents, Verone shares his thoughts on the impact of wormholes and the new technology that has been discovered inside them. "When I first woke on March 10th, I thought half the capsuleer community had gone insane after connecting to GalNet and hearing news of Seyllin. I'd slept through best part of it, but hell it was a good night. The Federation and the State were at each other's throats again, apparently blaming each other for unleashing weapons of mass [...]

        Wormhole 'Hub' Sold for Ten-Billion ISK

        • YC111-04-29

          Total Comfort Alliance [COMFY] claims they have sold the location and intelligence of a wormhole system they had based out of until recently for 10 billion ISK. In a GalNet release, the alliance states, "The buyer [received] all the intelligence we have on the system, what tends to [reside] there, how the encounters work, etc." The release outlined how Total Comfort Alliance spent a significant amount of time and effort seeking a suitable wormhole system. The wormhole they eventually chose as their [...]

          Sons of Tangra Defend Fountain as Puppet Masters Fragment

          • YC111-04-27

            Fountain - The recent Puppet Masters [PMS] assault on the Fountain region has come to a grinding halt in the face of heavy resistance from Fountain residents including Sons of Tangra [SOT] and elements of Pandemic Legion [PL]. The assault, staged from a beachhead in D4KU-5, saw the Puppet Masters make a bid for swathes of Fountain with support from Force of Evil alliance. An anonymous source has alleged that Puppet Masters were receiving support from KenZoku in the form of both control towers and [...]

            Fighting Intensifies In and Around Etherium Reach

            • YC111-04-26

              ZZ5X-M, Etherium Reach - Morhus Mihi [RAWR], Majesta Empire [ME], The Initiative. [INIT.], Imperial Republic of the North [IRON], Wildly Inappropriate [WI.], Red Alliance [RED], GoonSwarm [OHGOD], Sc0rched Earth [BYRN], and United Legion [UNL] have been at war with the Intrepid Crossing [IRC] and Ethereal Dawn [ED] alliances for the past several weeks. Fighting has intensified over the past few days as reports indicate that massive resources have been diverted to escalate this war. Observers report [...]

              Capsuleer Circumnavigates New Eden

              • YC111-04-25

                Great Wildlands - A capsuleer pilot has completed a successful circumnavigation of New Eden with his ship surviving the journey intact. DevilDogUSMC of H E L I C O N Alliance travelled clockwise around the entire cluster over four days, following a route made up of some one hundred and eighteen individual waypoints and making no less than five hundred and two jumps in his Helios class covert ops frigate. When asked why he chose to make such a long and potentially perilous journey, DevilDogUSMC [...]

                Celestial Apocalypse Closes Operations

                • YC111-04-24

                  Fountain - CEO Darth Solo announced that the veteran combat corporation Celestial Apocalypse [CELES] will be closing. One of the early anti-pirate corporations of New Eden, [CELES] were also the original founders of the defunct Insurgency [INSRG] alliance which at one time boasted 3,000 pilots and "took on the might of Northern Coalition and downed a RAZOR[-RZR-] titan." Darth Solo states that [CELES] was originally formed five and a half years ago as an avenue for New Eden's capsuleers to pursue [...]

                  Tribal Issue Tempest Raffle Opens

                  • YC111-04-24

                    Amarr, Domain - Industrialist and philanthropist Chribba is raffling a Tempest Tribal Issue with a complete set of Republic Fleet issue fittings to the capsuleer community. There are currently thought to be only four Tempest Tribal Issues in existence, at least one of which is owned by Entity, an avid collector of rare ships and other curios. Originally commissioned by the four ruling tribes of the Republic (Brutor, Sebiestor, Krusual and Vherokior), the Tribal Issue Tempests in the hands of [...]

                    Farewell Foundati0n

                    • YC111-04-23

                      Great Wildlands - Foundati0n's [FDN] April 10th disbanding marked the end of an era for many residents of Great Wildlands. Known for its longevity, rare NRDS (not red don't shoot) policy, and many memorable campaigns, [FDN] will not soon be forgotten by many citizens of New Eden. As earlier reported, the alliance came to a close earlier this month when Lord Maldoror removed the majority of [FDN]'s corporations. While the news came as a surprise to most, conditions within the alliance had been [...]

                      The People For Stuff Raffle

                      • YC111-04-22

                        Luminaire - A pilot by the name of Siri Blue from the Arachnea Phoenix Battalion corporation is organizing a fairly unusual competition. Pilots can enter her "People for Stuff" raffle by contracting one thousand of their under-used marines, VIPs or exotic dancers. In return, contestants have a chance of winning a wide variety of prizes, including several factional ships, implants and ship modules. There are approximately one hundred highly valued items that can be won, but in addition there are 9,900 [...]

                        Fight Over Tackled Titan Ends With Mothership Loss

                        • YC111-04-20

                          46DP-O, Tenerifis - The struggle over a tackled Legion of xXDEATHXx [X.I.X.] titan turned into a large capital ship battle which claimed approximately 275 ships, including an Atlas [ATLAS] mothership. Atlas and X.I.X have a long and bitter history dating back to previous warfare in the Drone Regions, which Bobby Atlas of Di-Tron Heavy Industries (DTHI), Atlas Alliance says, "resulted in some of the largest [capital ship] battles New Eden has seen in terms of destroyed capitals along with a number of [...]

                          BREAKING NEWS - Titan Downed in 49-U6U

                          • YC111-04-18

                            49-U6U, Querious - An Avatar-class titan belonging to Gaia Jane of Pandemic Legion was downed last night at 21:53 in the hotly contested Querious system of 49-U6U by combined forces from the Greater KenZoku Community (also known as the GKC), KenZoku, Against ALL Authorities and the allied alliances known as Stainwagon. Details are sparse at present but it appears the titan had been involved in a battle in the system some half hour earlier, in which Gaia Jane claimed some 42 kills. She attempted to [...]

                            The Black Rabbit Academy Open For Admissions

                            • YC111-04-16

                              Ishomilken, Citadel-The Black Rabbits Academy (GVRIS), member of The Gurlstas Associates alliance, announces that it is again accepting admissions to its training division. GVRIS offers its students training in the darker pursuits of New Eden, considering itself to be the antithetical equivalent of Eve University (E-UNI). Whereas Eve University provides training in a wide range of lawful activities, The Black Rabbits Academy will focus on but a single activity; piracy. H Lecter, CEO of GVRIS, states [...]

                              Syndicate Alliances Walk Political Tightrope

                              • YC111-04-15

                                Y-W6GF, Syndicate - A battle over a Cry Havoc moon-mining tower in Syndicate, leading to massive capital casualties, also caused a complex political web that saw blues fighting on opposite sides and enemies who had recently engaged giving their all for the same objective. Mistress Suffering of Cry Havoc explained it: "Multiple groups who had been fighting with each other moments before ended up on the same side of the battle during the Y-W6GF engagement. Dara Cothram's [DACO] capital group was [...]

                                Massive Fleet Battle in Syndicate

                                • YC111-04-15

                                  Y-W6GF, Syndicate - A massive fleet battle in the early hours of 05.04.111 in Y-W6GF in Syndicate saw blues fighting on opposite sides and reds banding together in a battle which resulted in well over a hundred billion ISK in damage from capital-class casualties alone. White Noise., SOLAR FLEET, Triumvirate. and ERROR. fought Cry Havoc, Pandemic Legion, Penumbra Alliance, HUZZAH FEDERATION, Dara Cothrom and Balance of Judgement, with each side fielding just shy of 200 ships. Losses are estimated at [...]

                                  Wildly Inappropriate Moves Into Geminate

                                  • YC111-04-13

                                    8K-CHA, GEMINATE - Wildly Inappropriate [WI] has confirmed a full scale invasion of Geminate, initiated on 07.4.111, is underway. The news follows weeks of increased [WI] activity and invasion rumors in the Geminate region. Reports from the region indicate that [WI] successfully uprooted Idle Empire [IDLE] from the area within forty-eight hours and are currently targeting Ethereal Dawn's [ED] control towers in the 8K-CHA constellation as well as United Freeman Alliance [UFA] fleets. Currently [ED]'s [...]

                                    Hull Miner's Union Using Wormholes For Guerilla Style Raiding

                                    • YC111-04-11

                                      Syndicate - KingRizen of the Hull Miner's Union [ONION], has formally declared his corporation's intent to utilize wormhole space in an attempt to bring guerilla-style warfare to New Eden. The Hull Miner's Union, formerly of the disbanded Red Skulls alliance, believe that they are a tight-knit and highly proficient combat corporation. Formerly freebooters in several low-security regions, they made an abortive attempt to seize space in Syndicate, only to be repulsed by the Huzzah Federation. The [...]

                                      Foundati0n Alliance Expels Corporations

                                      • YC111-04-11

                                        BREAKING NEWS - The Interstellar Correspondents have received initial reports indicating that the Foundati0n [FDN] alliance is in the process of being disbanded by Lord Maldoror. It is reported that Lord Maldoror is unhappy with the current state of the alliance and is actively terminating the memberships of [FDN] corporations. As many as twenty of [FDN]'s twenty-six corporations have already been removed today. According to an internal source, Director Norsey attempted to prevent the disbanding by [...]

                                        Hotdrop in 9CG6-H Leads to Heavy Capital Casualties

                                        • YC111-04-09

                                          9CG6-H, Querious - A hotdrop in the Querious system of 9CG6-H by GoonSwarm, Pandemic Legion, KIA and Northern Coalition forces against a KenZoku dreadnought fleet led to heavy capital losses on 04.04.111. The dreadnought fleet of KenZoku and their allies was in 9CG6-H kiting and reinforcing control towers belonging to GoonSwarm and their allies. "Kiting" is the process whereby a control tower is reduced to less than half its shield, so its strontium fuel levels for reinforced mode cannot be adjusted, [...]

                                          Otherworld Enterprises' Lotteries Sell Out

                                          • YC111-04-07

                                            Gallente capsuleer Anderson became the proud owner of an Aeon class mothership last Wednesday thanks to an Otherworld Enterprises [OTHER] lottery. While similar raffles have been held by others in the past, few have offered such an advanced and expensive piece of military hardware. The contest marks Otherworld Enterprises' first foray into the lottery format, but even they were surprised when tickets sold out in under 36 hours. The largest block purchases of tickets were made by the winner Anderson [...]

                                            Reikoku Corporation Reforming as Reikoku Reloaded

                                            • YC111-04-06

                                              A former Reikoku [RKK] pilot has claimed that Reikoku are not disbanding but are transferring to a new name and ticker, Reikoku Reloaded [RKZ.R]. Rumours began at the end of last month when Menta Fox of PuPPet MasTers asked on the Corporation, Alliance and Organization Discussion board of GalNet what was happening with the sudden drop in Reikoku's staffing list. Membership has dropped from over 600 to 220 in a matter of days. SFShootme's initial response was that RKK members could wind up in a new [...]

                                              Wormhole Exploration Encourages Pilots To Cooperate

                                              • YC111-04-04

                                                New Eden, Uncharted Space - Despite the short time since Seyllin I's tragic demise and the CONCORD ban, capsuleers have been rushing through the newly discovered spatial anomalies. On the other side of the Wormholes, some pilots have returned with riches but many more have become lost, left to the mercies of the considerable perils that the uncharted space holds. However, among those stranded pilots some have joined forces, improving their chances of survival. Tarminic, a member of Aliastra, found [...]

                                                Ordo Magna Alliance Announces The Templar Tournament

                                                • YC111-04-03

                                                  The Ordo Magna alliance has announced that they will host a small and informal open tournament on April 4th. Promoted as 'The Templar Tournament', the occasion has previously been reserved for alliance members only. The Ordo Magna is an alliance formed from the Ordo Quaesitoris - a relatively old and secretive corporation that proclaimed loyalty to the Amarr Empire - and its sister corporations, Ordo Ars Scientia and Ordo Nigrorum Susurri. Previously, the tournament was run as a purely internal event, [...]