Wormhole 'Hub' Sold for Ten-Billion ISK

Total Comfort Alliance [COMFY] claims they have sold the location and intelligence of a wormhole system they had based out of until recently for 10 billion ISK. In a GalNet release, the alliance states, "The buyer [received] all the intelligence we have on the system, what tends to [reside] there, how the encounters work, etc."

The release outlined how Total Comfort Alliance spent a significant amount of time and effort seeking a suitable wormhole system. The wormhole they eventually chose as their base of operations was a Class 4* wormhole they named 'New Thelan'. Total Comfort expeditionary forces adopted the name in memory of Thelan, their former home in known space. Total Comfort believed their new base to be invaluable due to its consistent 16 hour cycle of openings to Class 3* wormhole space, which in turn opened up into standard shipping lanes. Anopheli, of Pillowsoft [PILLO], a member corporation of Total Comfort which lead the expedition, remarked: "The unique aspect of New Thelan was that it would only [lead to] C247 wormholes within the system, observed over the two weeks we were in [New Thelan]." This reliable access allows the fast transport of goods into and out of 'New Thelan'.

The press release went on to state that Total Comfort desired to pursue a more lucrative course of business and decided to sell their stake in the system by auctioning off their base. Since solar systems cannot currently be 'purchased', Total Comfort put the intelligence, (including specifics pertaining to logistics and tactical specifications), up for auction. CEO Nyphur of Pillowsoft, in a recent interview stated, "There was also a no-risk guarantee, that if the system didn't perform as advertised, we'd refund the entire sale price within the first two weeks." A buyout offer was made soon after bidding began, and the board of directors of Total Comfort accepted the bid with an overwhelming majority vote.

Nyphur, who handled the auction said, "...the buyers will most certainly make more than the 10 [billion ISK] they paid within the next [quarter], I'm still as shocked as anyone that it sold for that much." The corporation who placed the winning bid wishes to remain anonymous, but was willing to participate in a joint interview with Nyphur. In that interview, they confirmed the sale and furthermore stated, "I would like to add that it was a pleasure to do business with Nyphur, [he's a] very truthworthy individual, which unfortunately is hard to find in the universe at times".

*classification is an unofficial system in use by many pod pilots based on the work of pod pilot Entity

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