Fighting Intensifies In and Around Etherium Reach

ZZ5X-M, Etherium Reach - Morhus Mihi [RAWR], Majesta Empire [ME], The Initiative. [INIT.], Imperial Republic of the North [IRON], Wildly Inappropriate [WI.], Red Alliance [RED], GoonSwarm [OHGOD], Sc0rched Earth [BYRN], and United Legion [UNL] have been at war with the Intrepid Crossing [IRC] and Ethereal Dawn [ED] alliances for the past several weeks. Fighting has intensified over the past few days as reports indicate that massive resources have been diverted to escalate this war.

Observers report that in addition to varied support vessels, capital ships and super capital ships have been deployed to the Etherium Reach, Insmother and Geminate regions. There have been heavy losses, with estimates pointing toward a combined total of at least 400 ships lost in the past week alone, including the destruction of 16 dreadnoughts, 7 carriers and an Intrepid Crossing Aeon class mothership.

Although the cause of the war is unclear, fighting continues around the clock between these former allies. We will provide additional information as it becomes available

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