The People For Stuff Raffle

Luminaire - A pilot by the name of Siri Blue from the Arachnea Phoenix Battalion corporation is organizing a fairly unusual competition. Pilots can enter her "People for Stuff" raffle by contracting one thousand of their under-used marines, VIPs or exotic dancers. In return, contestants have a chance of winning a wide variety of prizes, including several factional ships, implants and ship modules.

There are approximately one hundred highly valued items that can be won, but in addition there are 9,900 items which serve as consolation prizes, making this one of the largest competitions ever organized. There is a prize for every contestant, and the participating pilots get a randomly drawn prize contracted to them as soon as possible.

The reasons why Siri is collecting all these passengers remains a mystery but she is still looking for sponsors to help her expand the competition even further. So far, both podpilot Entity and the Starvald Emurlahn corporation have been generous enough to sponsor some of the extra prizes. Siri Blue plans to organize more competitions in the future; the next one will involve an "Exotic Dancer" contest.

There is no official closing date for the competition; pilots can still enter the raffle at the time of this publication.

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