Querious - GoonSwarm Resecure H74-B0

H74-B0, Querious - Following days of heavy fighting over control towers in the GoonSwarm-controlled system of H74-B0 in Querious, GoonSwarm and their allies were verified as being in complete control of the system in the evening of the 29th.

Initially, according to AJ Regard of FinFleet (KenZoku), a KenZoku and allied forces fleet of approximately 170 people formed up in F-NXLQ system, while their friendlies, Against ALL Authorities and their allies rallied a force of 120 pilots in the adjacent system of 3D5K-R. Captain Regard estimated GoonSwarm numbers at approximately 220 pilots, giving KenZoku and their allies the numeric advantage. Tactically, however, the advantage lay with GoonSwarm.

"Our problem was, we didn't have a lot of people inside H74-B0 and the 2 gates were bubbled with two small and two large [mobile warp disruption fields] each, I believe it was. Hostiles had 4 Titans in local and perhaps 20 capitals."

KenZoku sent in a force of heavy assault ships that attempted to microwarpdrive through the anchored bubbles and warp off. According to KIAEddz, a KIA titan flown by Omega Theory warped in on their position before all escaped, however, and unleashed its doomsday device, killing (KIAEddz estimated) some 15 frigates and cruisers. The other KIA titan on the scene, KIAEddz said, held back, saving its doomday weapon for the KenZoku reserves in F-NXLQ, should they enter.

At the same time, Against ALL Authorities and their allies jumped in their full forces from 3D5K-R and were caught by a well-timed double doomsday from Shadoo (Pandemic Legion) and Intensity Green (RAZOR Alliance) titans on the gate. AJ Regard described it as "...a perfect bubble of yellow wrecks, above 100 according to my scan." He continued:

"Seeing as we lost half of [our] fleet in that way, we decided to call it a night, as hostiles now had clear number advantage on us, and were ready for us to jump in."

With the battle ending decisively in favour of GoonSwarm's allliance of alliances, H74-B0 was, at the time of writing, held completely by their forces, with no hostile towers offering any contest to their sovereignty.

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