Hotdrop in 9CG6-H Leads to Heavy Capital Casualties

9CG6-H, Querious - A hotdrop in the Querious system of 9CG6-H by GoonSwarm, Pandemic Legion, KIA and Northern Coalition forces against a KenZoku dreadnought fleet led to heavy capital losses on 04.04.111.

The dreadnought fleet of KenZoku and their allies was in 9CG6-H kiting and reinforcing control towers belonging to GoonSwarm and their allies. "Kiting" is the process whereby a control tower is reduced to less than half its shield, so its strontium fuel levels for reinforced mode cannot be adjusted, but not reinforcing it for a period of time so that the strontium fuel will run out at a time advantageous to the attacker.

The system may have been a target due to the presence of a valuable Promethium moon. AJ Regard of FinFleet, however, thought the system was relatively unimportant for GoonSwarm and their friends:

"9CG is an important system in Querious, but nothing vital for GoonSwarm, Pandemic Legion or the Northern Coalition"

Dabigredboat claims that a GoonSwarm spy in KenZoku's Evolution corporation gave GoonSwarm a tip-off about the fleet:

"A spy in the KenZoku corp of EVOL provided some rather interesting intel before the fight. 'Kenny,' as they call themselves [were] sieging towers in the [unimportant] station system of 9CG6-H with only 50 dreads and very little support."

According to AJ Regard, the hostiles opened 5 cynosural fields while the KenZoku dreadnoughts were in siege mode reinforcing a control tower and therefore unable to warp out. GoonSwarm, Pandemic Legion, KIA and the Northern Coalition alliances RAZOR Alliance and Morsus Mihi brought in some 100 dreadnoughts initially with an estimated 25 carriers, and deployed an Apocalypse-heavy battleship fleet in support commanded by Dabigredboat. Pandemic Legion brought in an anti-support fleet a little later.

Audrea of FinFleet was the first KenZoku capital pilot to be called primary and downed in her Moros, while Aeaon of GoonSwarm, also in a Moros, was the first capital casualty on GoonSwarm's side.

Further reinforcements were received by both sides as the battle progressed. GoonSwarm and their allies fielded a total force of over 400 ships, including an estimated 140 capitals (mostly dreadnoughts), while KenZoku and their allies had put roughly 220 vessels on the field by the end of the battle, including 70 dreadnoughts and a small number of carriers.

KIA pilot Necronomicon took a light-hearted view of his alliance's participation in the battle:

"KIA responded to the 9CG6-H incident with 3 objectives: 1. Keep up appearences, 2. Turn corners, 3. Lose Dreads. We feel that we achieved our goals."

By the end of the fight, GoonSwarm and their allies had taken some 48 losses, 15 of which were dreadnoughts, and killed approximately 67 vessels belonging to KenZoku and their allies, including about 42 dreadnoughts.

AJ Regard of FinFleet expressed his feelings regarding the battle:

"They saw an opportunity in their numbers compared to ours and took it; [it was] well done. Hostiles managed to temporarily stop the attack on 9CG, but I think all of [KenZoku] who lost a dread were in a new one inside twenty-four hours. "A cap fight is a cap fight, and it [was] fun as hell to be part of. You win some and you lose some, but [it] doesn't change the fact that we had fun. [It has] no impact on morale in the long run."

Dabigredboat also expressed his enjoyment of the battle, but condemned his foes for "...yet another failure of the GBC to take back its space.":

"The revolutionaries of Goonswarm and allies... did what we do best when something juicy is around our space, we hotdropped them. This attack was not important, we just did it for fun, while our enemies had spent two hours shooting towers [there.]"

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