Wormhole Exploration Encourages Pilots To Cooperate

New Eden, Uncharted Space - Despite the short time since Seyllin I's tragic demise and the CONCORD ban, capsuleers have been rushing through the newly discovered spatial anomalies. On the other side of the Wormholes, some pilots have returned with riches but many more have become lost, left to the mercies of the considerable perils that the uncharted space holds. However, among those stranded pilots some have joined forces, improving their chances of survival.

Caldari Pilot Enters A Wormhole

Tarminic, a member of Aliastra, found himself stranded on the far side of a wormhole when it collapsed. After having spent several hours without any other contact, he was relieved to finally find other pilots in the area: "Actual Human Beings! I had never been happier to see local flash ... Two ravens from the SWA had been trapped the same way i had, and were looking for ways out."

Tarminic went on describing how he and his new friends teamed up to fight the native inhabitants of that unknown region of space, "we fought a few [waves of sleepers] that included two sentry guns, a single battleship, 4-5 cruisers. Sleepers were smart ... we all put the loot in a can and divided it three ways."

There are also capsuleers setting themselves up to make profit on the newly discovered space. Astro Glyde, CEO and Founder of Wormhole Rescue Service, detailed his pay-per-rescue services: "The goal is to create a non-partisan, unbiased rescue service. We will agree to assist anyone in need... We cannot guarantee every rescue, but we will do our best to lead stranded pilots home."

Corporations have started profiting on wormholes since the day they were first discovered in New Eden. However, to guarantee a secure commercial venture within wormhole space, joint operations are becoming common practice.

Drenmarr Archyan, CEO and Founder of SK Industries, describes how his corporation has teamed up with others to cope with the dangerous depths of unknown space, "Within minutes of discovery [our] teams entered the hole and explored every inch... two corporation have moved into this wormhole and in joint co-operation established an attempt at colonization." He goes on adding: "We're living in our wormhole and have named and claimed it... we've established trade routes that to date work."

These are just a few examples of how collaboration among capsuleers has spared lives and created business opportunities throughout the uncharted wormhole space.

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