Otherworld Enterprises' Lotteries Sell Out

Gallente capsuleer Anderson became the proud owner of an Aeon class mothership last Wednesday thanks to an Otherworld Enterprises [OTHER] lottery. While similar raffles have been held by others in the past, few have offered such an advanced and expensive piece of military hardware.

The contest marks Otherworld Enterprises' first foray into the lottery format, but even they were surprised when tickets sold out in under 36 hours. The largest block purchases of tickets were made by the winner Anderson and a second pilot who each acquired one hundred tickets at a total cost of one billion ISK per person.

"The interest from pilots was way over my imagination, everyone seemed happy with the results and procedure," stated [OTHER] CEO Chribba. He summed up the lottery as "a huge success."

Two thousand tickets sold for ten million ISK each during the thirty-two hour period in which the lottery remained open, raising a total sum of twenty billion ISK. The proceeds have already been invested into [OTHER]'s vast infrastructure and will be fueling industrial reactors for the next two years, according to Chribba.

The prospect of additional super capital lotteries was confirmed by a press release from [OTHER] on 04.04.111 announcing the immediate opening of a lottery featuring a Caldari Wyvern class mothership. Tickets sold out within 24 hours; the winner, ArwenUndomiel, bought 200 tickets for a total cost of 2 billion ISK.

Otherworld Enterprises is a member corporation of the expansive Otherworld Empire that also falls under the directorship of Chribba. Over the past few years, Chribba has become well-known to residents of New Eden as a third-party point of exchange, ensuring the secure sales of high-value items such as motherships and titans. Chribba explained his choice of a lottery format:

"I've been in the supercapital trading business for a long time now and I feel that I'm one of the few that have built up the trust to make such lotteries, so rather than taking a market from other young and rising business men and women, I try to stick to what I do good. Plus it is a bit special."

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