Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Corporate Espionage Reaches Into Wormhole Space

  • YC111-03-28

    Uncharted Space - Myon Decay became the latest corporation to fall victim to corporate espionage this week, as Director of Security, Shaddhix, used his access to empty corporate coffers and steal a tower from a wormhole location. Corporation CEO Rakadar believes the loss is valued in excess of 1 billion ISK. According to the mastermind behind the theft, Shaddhix, "...a plan started to formulate in my mind, a way to repay the kindness and loyalties shown to me by the greatest corporation I've ever [...]

    Caldari Militia Declares Justice’s Reach a ‘Smoke Screen’

    • YC111-03-25

      New Caldari - The State Protectorate aired a public statement in response to the recent Gallente Federation campaign known as Justice's Reach. The campaign, announced yesterday at a Federation Navy press conference, was called in response to evidence supporting the theft last month of Gallente military equipment in transit in the Castlemon system. In their statement, the State Protectorate reveal the Gallente's target systems as Raihbaka and Martoh, citing a source within the Federal Defense Union. [...]

      Multiple Doomsdays Fired in 49-U6U

      • YC111-03-24

        49-U6U, Querious - Multiple so-called "Doomsday" devices were fired in the fiercely-contested system of 49-U6U in the evening of the 20th. The battles on the 20th-21st were over five control towers that were contesting GoonSwarm's sovereignty on behalf of KenZoku, that were scheduled to emerge from reinforced mode. The attacking forces - KenZoku, Against ALL Authorities and their allies - had staged a heavy buildup over the course of the day, peaking at 300-400 ships in the system, with a heavy [...]

        Epitoth Fleetyards Announces Restructuring

        • YC111-03-24

          Tash-Murkon - Epitoth Fleetyards(EFY), a primarily industrial focused corporation, announced that it will be shifting resources to a more martial footing with the creation of Epitoth Guard. This restructuring signals a new focus for the corporation, one in which ship to ship combat will figure more prominently. A member of Curatores Veratitas Alliance(CVA), Epitoth Fleetyards has been a key player in providing for the material and logistical needs of the member corporations for some time. In fact, [...]

          The BIG Lottery Reaches Ticket Sales Milestone

          • YC111-03-23

            The BIG Lottery has sailed past a quarter trillion ISK in all-time tickets sold since its 2003 inception. This impressive milestone was attained earlier this month during round 153 of the innovative BIG Lottery. Over thirty-four thousand pilots have sought their fortune in the BIG Lottery over the years. Those lucky enough to have their number drawn often net billions of ISK worth of cash or prizes. Earlier last year Lena Masca was the recipient of a record-breaking twenty billion ISK payout. The [...]

            GoonSwarm Defend Protectorate Sovereignty in 49-U6U

            • YC111-03-22

              49-U6U, Querious - Over the last few days, fierce fighting has continued in the system of 49-U6U as Goonswarm continue to hold the system against opposed forces. On the 19th, the number of control towers in the system which had been claiming sovereignty for the required 7 days was closely tied between those contributing to GoonSwarm's sovereignty claim, and those contesting it in favour of KenZoku. Both KenZoku and Goonswarm had towers in reinforced mode that would become vulnerable again during the [...]

              Capital Ship Rescued From Uncharted System

              • YC111-03-21

                Unknown, J112042 - The rush to explore and exploit uncharted systems on the other side of unstable wormholes leads capsuleers to take ever increasing risks with their ships and crews. While the potential rewards from gathering artefacts amongst the Sleeper and Talocan ruins are undoubtedly high, pioneers face many risks in their pursuit of this arcane technology. One such pioneer, Foot M of FM Corp, recently discovered the consequence of these risks first hand as his Chimera class carrier 'HMS [...]

                EVE University Celebrates 5th Anniversary

                • YC111-03-21

                  The doors to EVE University[E-UNI] opened on Sunday afternoon, March 15, 106. Five years later, this University founded by CEO Morning Maniac continues to aid and train young pod pilots. With recruiters always on the lookout for New Eden's bright young pilots, EVE University prides itself on providing these pilots with the tools they need to have long, successful futures, wherever they may end up after completing their training. While some corporations accept only hand selected pilots by invitation [...]

                  Capsuleers Pledge Seyllin Aid

                  • YC111-03-19

                    Seyllin, Essence - In the aftermath of the Seyllin I disaster, capsuleer organisations and independent pilots voiced their readiness to assist survivors of the incident via GalNet. Many capsuleers volunteered to assist authorities directly, or to supply aid and resources for the survivors. One of the first pledges of supplies and assistance came from Damith d'Estelas on behalf of Strix Armaments and Defence, a corporation loyal to the Gallente Federation. Ms. D'Estelas also spoke briefly to commend [...]

                    Pirates Target Explorers in Wormhole Space

                    • YC111-03-19

                      New Eden - With renewed interest throughout New Eden on research and exploration sparked by the emergence of the mysterious and unpredictable wormholes, there has been an increase in acts of aggression upon 'Targets of Opportunity' by pirate and mercenary corporations. The threat of piracy is growing daily. Pirate and Mercenary corporations all over New Eden are roaming within the boundaries of these new cosmic signatures, using their shadow to trap the unwary. Some of these are even choosing to make [...]

                      Pitched Battle in Querious Claims Over 650 Ships

                      • YC111-03-17

                        49-U6U, Querious - Over 600 ships saw their last moments in Querious last night as the fight continues. Against ALL Authorities and allies defended a number of Greater KenZoku Community control towers that were leaving their effectively-invulnerable "reinforced" mode. Therem Harth, who flew a logistics cruiser for Against ALL Authorities gave this preliminary account of the battle: "Starting from after [noon on] Sunday, some [Greater KenZoku Community control towers] were exiting reinforced [mode]. [...]

                        KenZoku Capitals Escape PR-8CA Camp

                        • YC111-03-17

                          PR-8CA, Delve - On the 13th of this month, the first sign of a possible renewal of active hostilities in Delve came when KenZoku and their allies managed to gain control of PR-8CA for long enough to evacuate multiple capital assets. Over the last few weeks, GoonSwarm have attained sovereignty over all of Delve, Skunk-Works lost their sovereignty in Querious, with RAZOR Alliance ceding two territorial enclaves to their GoonSwarm allies. A month-long camp of PR-8CA was initiated to contain KenZoku's [...]

                          Wormhole Explorers Deploy Control Tower

                          • YC111-03-14

                            New Eden - Days after the tragedy at Seyllin and the appearance of Wormholes throughout New Eden, the spirit of adventure and Man's quest for knowledge has produced what may be one of the first successes in a wave of capsuleer tower deployments in wormhole space. Capsuleers have reported that the extremely aggressive nature of the inhabitants of the wormholes and the attacks on hapless explorers by professional pirates may deter the casual industrialist from exploiting any opportunities in the [...]

                            Many Flock to Seyllin as Tragedy Strikes

                            • YC111-03-10

                              Seyllin - The burned out husk of the planet Seyllin I quickly drew attention as word of the tragedy started to emerge from the system. The first capsulleers on the scene seemed to put personal safety for themselves and their spacecraft secondary as fleets were formed to assist others trying to get quickly to the affected areas. Mkah Mvet, one of the very first -if not the first- on the scene, quickly formed a fleet of 20+ ships to allow them to warp directly to his location. Says, Mkah, "It looked [...]