Epitoth Fleetyards Announces Restructuring

Tash-Murkon - Epitoth Fleetyards(EFY), a primarily industrial focused corporation, announced that it will be shifting resources to a more martial footing with the creation of Epitoth Guard. This restructuring signals a new focus for the corporation, one in which ship to ship combat will figure more prominently.

A member of Curatores Veratitas Alliance(CVA), Epitoth Fleetyards has been a key player in providing for the material and logistical needs of the member corporations for some time. In fact, they are credited with the deployment of two outposts, the most recent being in the Providence Region.

Now veterans of several hard fought campaigns, during which the members of Epitoth Fleetyards often acted in both a logistical and a frontline capacity, the corporation has decided to sharpen its focus to a primarily combat outfit. In the words of their CEO, Grr, "Constant war over the past three years had already battle hardened us, and despite our industrial success we were very much a wolf in sheep's clothing" Out of that declaration a new corporation was born, Epitoth Guard(E.G.).

The move to create the new corporation was met with congratulatory remarks from friends and allies of the corporation. However, Kazzzi a member from the Minmatar Ship Construction Services(MSCS) and Ushra'Khan alliance, long time nemesis of the Epitoth corporations, had this to say, "If their pride demands a new name to reflect their militant stance then so be it. I'll be happy to watch their ships burn no matter what insignia they bear."

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