Many Flock to Seyllin as Tragedy Strikes

Seyllin - The burned out husk of the planet Seyllin I quickly drew attention as word of the tragedy started to emerge from the system. The first capsulleers on the scene seemed to put personal safety for themselves and their spacecraft secondary as fleets were formed to assist others trying to get quickly to the affected areas.

Debris Floating Around The Planet

Mkah Mvet, one of the very first -if not the first- on the scene, quickly formed a fleet of 20+ ships to allow them to warp directly to his location. Says, Mkah, "It looked like people were trying to get out to the debris field on sub-warp. I noticed the debris field was aligned with some celestials so I warped, dropping bookmarks." The others in the fleet were then able to upload the coordinates and reach to location quickly. Indeed, it was with the assistance of Mr. Mvet that the IC was able to quickly enter the affected area.

Others, such as Kiwwa, kept the fleet together, organizing attempts to locate any of the reported Wormholes which pose a very real threat to all in New Eden. At this at this time, however, the level of this threat is undetermined. "We haven't [spoken] before tonight", says Kiwwa of his fleet-mates, "We joined together to search this system." It appears that many fleets such as this exist, people banding together to find and assess the threat and to help others. Twenty three pilots who have never before flown together, united to do their part as the first line of defense of New Eden.

One transmission clearly echoes the feelings of most on site after the disaster, Scaldari Anitoba states, "...on this day of tragedy, I think we should keep our blasters holstered."

As of the writing of this article, there have been no reports coming out of any found wormholes.

Clearly, there will be more news to follow as it becomes available.