The BIG Lottery Reaches Ticket Sales Milestone

The BIG Lottery has sailed past a quarter trillion ISK in all-time tickets sold since its 2003 inception. This impressive milestone was attained earlier this month during round 153 of the innovative BIG Lottery.

Over thirty-four thousand pilots have sought their fortune in the BIG Lottery over the years. Those lucky enough to have their number drawn often net billions of ISK worth of cash or prizes. Earlier last year Lena Masca was the recipient of a record-breaking twenty billion ISK payout.

The brainchild of BIG Corporation CEO TornSoul, BIG Lottery has grown exponentially since the meager days of ten million ISK jackpots often partially subsidized by BIG. Today the jackpots are billion ISK affairs with 2008's five year anniversary round smashing all previous records. This single round distributed over eighty-five billion worth of ISK and prizes among thirteen winners including Lena Masca.

This May will mark BIG Lottery's 6th consecutive year of operation.

BIG Corporation, the lottery's holding entity, is best known for its unique internal asset sharing policy in which all members pool their resources as a community. The policy applies without exception to ships, ISK, and any other personal assets one may acquire. While the policy may be difficult for traditional employees to envision, BIG's success and longevity speaks for itself.

In addition to the lottery, BIG runs a variety of equally unique ventures including the BIG Merchant Bank of EVE, BIG Betting, and BIG Deal where small corporations are given the opportunity to "rent-to-own" battleship blueprint originals.

Round 153 concluded last Sunday and featured a billion ISK jackpot along with five hundred million ISK prizes for both second and third place. The next round is already underway and all pilots wishing to purchase tickets should send their ISK to "BIG Games". Each ticket costs one thousand ISK and pilots may purchase a maximum of ten thousand tickets per round according to the BIG Lottery portal site. Those wishing to participate in the interactive drawing process should tune in Monday, April 6th to the "BIG Games" channel at 1800 New Eden Time.

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