Capital Ship Rescued From Uncharted System

Unknown, J112042 - The rush to explore and exploit uncharted systems on the other side of unstable wormholes leads capsuleers to take ever increasing risks with their ships and crews. While the potential rewards from gathering artefacts amongst the Sleeper and Talocan ruins are undoubtedly high, pioneers face many risks in their pursuit of this arcane technology.

One such pioneer, Foot M of FM Corp, recently discovered the consequence of these risks first hand as his Chimera class carrier 'HMS Invincible' became stranded in unknown space after the entrance vector wormhole collapsed.

"I wanted to be first in," said Foot M when questioned on his motivations, "I believe I might have been the first capital pilot to get stuck."

The wormhole that enabled Mr M to travel to the new system collapsed under the mass of the carrier, preventing not only Foot M's return, but barring anyone from following him.

"I thought I heard laughter on the radio or perhaps it was static," says Foot M in his account of the incident, "I began to scan with my basic ship scanner looking for anything that may allow me to communicate with home."

Without the necessary instruments to locate an exit, Mr. M and his crew found themselves cut off from known space for more than three days before continued scanning showed a Condor frigate nearby.

"I beckoned to the pilot of the ship I saw on my scan and by the gods she responded," said Mr M, after days of scanning and repeated calls on a local band frequency. "She asked me to help her to retrieve the remains of a ship lost to the monsters within."

After assisting the Condor pilot, Caestra Dio of Sev3rance, with the salvaging of a Buzzard class covert ship, Mr M was lead out of the system via an unstable wormhole to the Curse region.

"I think he was afraid that we would kill him on exit," said Ms. Dio, as she recalled the moment she began to lead Foot M out of the system. "He didn't know at that point that Sev3rance is a Holder Alliance of Providence and so has an NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) Policy."

"She never asked for ISK to help me get out which I thought was nice," added Foot M, giving thanks for Ms. Dio's assistance.

After his safe return to known space, would Foot M take his carrier back through a wormhole and do it all again? "Sure," he says "if the wormhole required it, or if my buds were being attacked."

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