Pitched Battle in Querious Claims Over 650 Ships

49-U6U, Querious - Over 600 ships saw their last moments in Querious last night as the fight continues. Against ALL Authorities and allies defended a number of Greater KenZoku Community control towers that were leaving their effectively-invulnerable "reinforced" mode.

Therem Harth, who flew a logistics cruiser for Against ALL Authorities gave this preliminary account of the battle:683 ships killed in 49-U6U in the last 24 hours

"Starting from after [noon on] Sunday, some [Greater KenZoku Community control towers] were exiting reinforced [mode]. [The] system was under control and repping carriers [were] able to safely complete their duties...

"After approximately 18:00, enemy activity picked up. [Cynosural fields] lit up across the map as about 8 titans bridged gangs to and fro. Just before the main battle, [our allied] fleet [totalled] around 700 and [the hostile] fleet [numbered] around 800. Somewhere around 21:00, [the hostile] fleet started entering the system. We estimate that during this time around 700 active pilots entered, including a couple [of] dozen carriers and dreadnoughts, and two titans. A bit later 3 more titans [were] reported entering the system.

"...Engagements concentrated at hostile [control towers], at which parts of [the enemy] fleets were arriving. -A- fleet was delayed at the very first [tower] by... enemy tackling efforts, while [a Greater KenZoku Community] subfleet was able to relocate to [a second control tower] where enemy [capital ships were] inbound. [A Tau Ceti Federation] fleet moved to help [their] capitals, and after a lot of shooting and rewarping the -A- fleet joined the fray. RAZOR successfully used carriers as heavy tacklers, trapping and destroying some unlucky battleships who went too close. However, this was countered by our side warping onto bumped/stray dreads and destroying them. Eventually, most of the active northern fleet was dispersed or forced under the shields.

"At the same time hostile titans were staying at yet another control tower, two hugging the tower and another two performing suspicious maneuvers outside shield. It was deemed to be a possible trap, and so the effort continued on killing battleships and stray capitals at hand. After some time, capitals started to jump out, battleships started to shut down, and titans remained at control towers without launching a single doomsday.

"An initial estimate of kills says we killed around a hundred battleships and about ten assorted capitals, however killboards are still syncing so it is perhaps too early to say. Same estimate of losses as of now (by -A- killboard, so this doesn't take into account other allied losses...) lists 20 battleships lost, plus about the same amount of varied support ships."

Shadoo of Pandemic Legion summarised the outcome of the 7-hour long battle:

"I don't have [the killboard] numbers yet and I'd say we won't have them for days on to come, if ever, but by [a] layman's wreck estimate I'd say coalition probably lost 150-200 BS, 8-15 caps and 100+ support. We maybe killed 80-120 BS and 50-100 support. But this is purely guestimates based on wrecks...

"No doubt - we lost the fight! Something that has been long coming now. Excellent, excellent fight though...

"No real strategic changes in 49-U6U; all towers were saved by both parties and GoonSwarm still outnumbers [enemy towers] in system with all towers well timed by both parties... GoonSwarm currently has 17 towers to KenZoku's 16. All moons are taken with [2 Stain Empire, 2 RED.Overlord, 3 Morsus Mihi, 3 Against ALL Authorities and 6 Pandemic Legion] towers holding them. Very close indeed and I would not be suprised if count went in [KenZoku's] favour at some point... So the Tower Wars for 49-U6U are definately now on!"

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