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The Scope - Total War Rages in New Eden


    The Scope - Upwell Developments & Info Leaks

      The Scope - Upwell Developments & Info Leaks Watch as Alton Haveri reports on footage of a mysterious ship being assembled at an unknown ORE facility, as well as the progress made by the Upwell Consortium - aided by capsuleers - on their prototype facility in Auviken. News in Brief President Aguard praises Upwell’s “innovative use of technology”. One Trillion ISK worth of assets destroyed in a capsuleer battle in Ahbazon, Genesis. Fears of mass hysteria as belief in secret Wormhole War conspiracy [...]

      The Scope – Ancient Jovian Stargates Discovered

        The Scope – Ancient Jovian Stargates Discovered Alton Haveri reports on the discovery of four ancient Jovian stargates across New Eden by a number of capsuleer researchers and explorers. The gates have been found, but what comes next? Where do these ancient stargates lead? Who is the Deathless, what are his goals, and what does his organization have in store for New Eden? News in Brief Mysterious Jovian Stargates Discovered in Four Locations Widely Spread Across New Eden Cluster Society of Conscious [...]

        The Scope – Angel Cartel & Guristas Pirates Insurgencies

          The Scope – Angel Cartel & Guristas Pirates Insurgencies Alton Haveri reports for The Scope on the latest developments from the militia warzones, where Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirate Insurgencies have begun, with the appearance of pirate Forward Operating Bases prompting ORE to appeal to capsuleers for assistance. News in Brief Pirate Insurgencies Launching Raids from Zarzakh Shipcaster and Warzone FOBs Angel Cartel Raids Taking Place in Floseswin and Neighboring Star Systems Guristas Pirates Launch [...]

          The Scope – Brutal Hijack of ORE Ship by Angel Cartel Confirmed

            The Scope's Alton Haveri reports on the hijack of an ORE research vessel and kidnap of researchers confirmed to be carried out by the notorious Angel Cartel unit "Commando Zohar". In Other News ORE Security and Upwell Consortium Investigators Confirm Angel Cartel Behind Brutal Assault on Research Vessel Minmatar Tribal Assembly Begins Full Sessions as Debates Within Brutor, Krusual, and Sebiestor Tribes Wrap Up Caldari State Protectorate Offensive Continues to Advance in Placid and Verge Vendor [...]

            The Scope – Capsuleer War and Caldari Union Day

              The Scope Reports on Capsuleer Coalition Warfare and Caldari Union Day YC123 In Other News Caldari Chief Executive Panel Begins State Industrial Planning Summit Ahead of Caldari State Workers Union Day Angel Cartel Implicated in Attack on Intara Direct Action Security Compound on Oijanen II Reformist and Radical Unofficial Caldari Workers Groups Split on Strategy Over Response to CEP Unity Calls Capsuleer Coalitions Warfare Continues as Anti-Imperium Forces Lose More Citadels to Counter-Offensives [...]

              The Scope – Catastrophe in Turnur Imminent

                The Scope Reports Alton Haveri reports as evacuations accelerate in Turnur, where the Amarr Empire’s prototype Stellar Transmuter technology has irreversibly destabilized the system’s star – predicted to reach a catastrophic critical point at 1700 New Eden Standard time on 2 November. The Scope News in Brief Turnur Star Destabilization by Stellar Transmuter Raises Alarm in Egmar and Vard Evacuation Flights from Turnur I Limited by Warzone Conflict and Blood Raider Activity Eugidi Constellation Remains [...]

                The Scope – Concord Shipcaster Spying Scandal

                  The Scope – Concord Shipcaster Spying Scandal Alton Haveri reports on the Concord shipcaster spying scandal that is threatening Amarr and Caldari relations, the rumored capabilities of the shipcasters and the latest developments in Intaki. The Scope – News in Brief Interstellar Diplomacy Rocked by EDENCOM Spying Scandal as Empire Delegates Confer with Governments Federation Authorities Register Increase of Intaki Prime System Security Status to 0.5 CONCORD Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya [...]

                  The Scope – Conflict in the North

                    The Scope – Conflict in the North Alton Haveri reports on The Initiative departure from The Imperium Coalition and the ongoing conflict in the north where millions have perished already. News in Brief Markets Across New Eden Adjusting to SCC Surcharges on Broker Fees and Industrial Operating Costs Federation Agents Pursue Ex-Senator and Terrorist Leader Thibauld Tailler Following Gallentia Primacy Attacks Upwell Consortium Board Meets to Consider Commercial Strategy in Light of "Regulatory Challenges" [...]

                    The Scope – Empires Fight Shadow War

                      The Scope – Empires Fight Shadow War Alton Haveri reports on the Shadow War between the four empires vying for mastery of Triglavian technology and to construct an Interstellar Shipcaster. The Scope – News in Brief Mercenaries Raiding Research Facilities Likely Trading with Pirate and Empire Interests says DED Capsuleer Warfare in Pure Blind Continues With Further Fighting in X47L-Q and J-CIJV DED's Warranted Regulation of Interstellar Technology Sharing (WRITS) Unit Expelled from Republic Tenth [...]

                      The Scope – One Year Anniversary Of Pochven

                        In Other News EDENCOM Memorial to Triglavian Invasions Established in Orbit of Yulai Star to Mark Losses to Triglavian Collective Public Face of Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization (Intriguerre) Makes Inflammatory Speech on Anniversary of Pochven Declassified Complex of EDENCOM Installations Near Yulai Star Include Invasions Command HQ and Stellar Monitoring Facility Federal Intelligence Office Report Emphasizes Threat from "Rogue Artificial Intelligences in Conjunction with Triglavian [...]

                        The Scope – Stargates to Zarzakh Reveal Jovian Station

                          The Scope – Stargates to Zarzakh Reveal Jovian Station The presence of an ancient Jovian station in the previously unexplored and remote system of "Zarzakh" has been revealed by four recently discovered Jovian stargates registering with interstellar FTL communications networks. Alton Haveri reports on deepening concerns over the Deathless Circle's control of such a strategically important system and the Jovian station at its heart. News in Brief Society of Conscious Thought Calls for Urgent Meeting of [...]

                          The Scope – Stellar Transmuter Crisis and Escalating Conflict Around Athounon V

                            The Scope Reports Alton Haveri reports on the growing concerns surrounding Stellar Transmuter experiments and escalating tensions in the race to acquire mysterious Triglavian technology found on the planet of Athounon V. The Scope News in Brief Tribal Liberation Force Offensive Continues to Make Gains in Metropolis Region Caldari State Protectorate Assaults in Essence Gain Control of Abune and Deven Systems Heavy Fighting in Egmar System as Minmatar Forces Take Control from Amarr Occupation Federal [...]

                            Thebeka Holders Outraged as Paramilitary Forces Accused of Taking Slaves; Notorious Khanid Slaver Arrested

                              Thebeka, Domain - Accusations of opportunistic and illegal slave-taking have been levelled at paramilitary forces participating in counter-insurgency operations on Thebeka III, where a slave rebellion provoked by chemical weapon terror attacks is entering its fifth week. The sense of outrage among the Holders of Thebeka III has been heightened by the reported arrest of the notorious slaver Orlon Zashev, a former Sardar-Colonel in the Khanid Royal Uhlans alleged to have carried out war crimes and slave [...]

                              Total Victory of Tribal Liberation Force Marked by Award of Stripes of Fury Medal

                                MATAR, PATOR IV - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has awarded some thousand Tribal Liberation Force fighters a special medal for their participation in the offensive that has brought total victory to the Minmatar militia forces in the Amarr-Minmatar border warzone. The final holdouts of the Amarr militia fell on YC118.06.19, with the four systems of Gebuladi, Raa, Sirekur and Vimeini changing hands in the culmination of a lightning offensive by TLF forces that claimed some 30 systems in the space of a week. [...]

                                Tukoss Disavowed By Zainou Biotech

                                  ISSERAS - The Scope has confirmed in the last hour that prominent Caldari neuropsychological scientist Hilen Tukoss has been stripped of his Zainou Biotech corporate citizenship by parent corporation Ishukone. Famed for his high profile defection to Eifyr & Co in August YC113, Tukoss made further waves by announcing the formation of the Arek'Jaalan Project shortly after his arrival in the Minmatar Republic, with the goal of establishing a research committee that would study, document and archive data [...]

                                  Upwell Delivers Gifts In Celebration Of Capsuleer Day!

                                    4C-B7X - The Upwell Consortium has confirmed delivery of gifts to Capsuleers across the cluster today, as organizations throughout New Eden begin celebration of "Capsuleer Day" on the thirteenth anniversary of the issue of the first commercial capsuleer pilot licenses. Upwell formally announced yesterday that all capsuleers would receive an Upwell themed SKIN for their capsule, as well as festival launchers and pyrotechnics, all of which have now been delivered in one of the largest logistical [...]

                                    Whistleblower Releases Undamaged Manifest in Ndokassi Dispute

                                      Huggar (Pator III) - A dispute over the fate of a rare cache of intact ndokassi artefacts has sharpened into an ethical controversy, after a whistleblower revealed lead archaeologist Gesila Fraemar's claim that the manifest had been corrupted to be inaccurate and allegedly a deliberate deception. Aratera Kurn, a graduate student and member of the Galar-Yu Circle, uploaded an undamaged copy of the ndokassi cache manifest to the dark GalNet forum "the Core", this morning. Kurn's release follows the [...]

                                      YC119 Kyonoke Inquest Begins With Keynote From Dr. Cador Veranne

                                        POSTOUVIN - The YC119 Kyonoke Inquest has formally commenced this afternoon, after an introductory keynote was broadcast to every holoscreen on board the Inquest Center, welcoming empire and independent delegates alike. The Inquest unites scientists from across the cluster, as specialists in genetic engineer and bio-medicine, as well as virologists and medical practitioners from all walks of life collaborate in what is being described in the interstellar press as the largest single collaborative event [...]

                                        Zainou Releases Preliminary Findings From Myrskaa Investigation

                                          OIJANEN - The interstellar scientific community has become a hive of activity this afternoon, after the release of initial findings by a team of Zainou virologists based within the quarantined city of Myrskaa on Oijanen II. After preliminary investigation, the team released a statement to Zainou's security division, which has now been forwarded as a "Top Secret" grade classified document to the Chief Executive Panel for review. The Scope can confirm that contained within the statement, was the digital [...]