The Scope – One Year Anniversary Of Pochven

New Eden News | YC123-10-15 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope's Alton Haveri reports on the anniversary of Pochven's formation, the unveiling of the EDENCOM Memorial in Yulai, and a broadcast by Triglavian collaborator Seriatim Foucault.

In Other News

  • EDENCOM Memorial to Triglavian Invasions Established in Orbit of Yulai Star to Mark Losses to Triglavian Collective

  • Public Face of Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization (Intriguerre) Makes Inflammatory Speech on Anniversary of Pochven

  • Declassified Complex of EDENCOM Installations Near Yulai Star Include Invasions Command HQ and Stellar Monitoring Facility

  • Federal Intelligence Office Report Emphasizes Threat from "Rogue Artificial Intelligences in Conjunction with Triglavian Collective"

  • Subcommander Seriatim Foucault Claims to Speak for Pro-Triglavian Group with "Consent" of Triglavian Collective

  • Security Alert in Y4Y7-Q Constellation After Intaki Space Police Listening Post Reported Destroyed by "Unknown Forces" in ZN0-SR

  • Veles Clade and Rogue Drone "Co-Operation" Claimed by AI Research Scientists Monitoring "Bizarre Installation" in Wirashoda

  • Amarr Empress Catiz I Personally Officiates at "Prayers for Righteous Martyrs" in Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet

  • Massive Triglavian Structure in Orbit of Skarkon II Identified as Major Capital Shipyards Built by Svarog Clade

  • EDENCOM Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir Vows to Recover and Restore Lost Worlds in Speech at Memorial to Triglavian Invasions

  • Sanmatar Shakor, Tribal Council, and Republic Parliament Hold Ceremonies Honoring Minmatar War Dead on Matar

  • CONCORD's DERAIL Anti-AI Division Expands Operations in Placid in "Intelligence Led Operation Under Yulai Accords and Convention"

  • Svarog Clade Continue to Fight Minmatar Resistance and Veles Incursions While Extracting Resources from Skarkon II say EDENCOM Monitors

  • Federation President Celes Aguard Attends Invasions Memorial Service in Ensînate of Central Garoun on Gallente Prime

  • Perun Clade Reportedly Shipping Large Numbers of "Converted People" into Space, Claims Caldari Resistance Network

  • Leak of Report from Caldari Navy Scouts Supporting Komo Resistance Movement Describes "Diplomatic Ships Visiting Perun Proving Grounds"

  • Marshal Valkanir Condemns Intriguerre Spokesman Seriatim Foucault as a "Traitor to Civilization and Collaborator with Ruthless Invaders"

  • Capsuleer Alliances Shift as Siege Green Officially Joins the Winter Coalition while Brave Collective Invades the Pure Blind Region

  • Vale Federal Resistance Movement Shares Intelligence on Veles Clade "Indoctrination and Invasive Bioadaptation Methods" with Senate Security Committee

  • CEP Chairman Akimaka Saraki Formally Inters Ashes of Anonymous Invasion War Dead from Caldari State in Landfall Shrine Necropolis

  • Yulai Diplomatic Community Closes Ranks to Deny "Wild Rumors" Relating to Extensive Contact with Triglavian Collective in Pochven

  • Colonel Oveg Drust Appointed Commander of SARO "Red Troop" as Notorious Anti-Warclone Unit Co-ordinates with CONCORD Anti-AI Division

  • Senator Suvio Bellaron Requests Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation into DERAIL and SARO Activities in Caldari-Gallente Militia Warzone

  • Inner Circle Renews Authorization to Deploy AEGIS Boarding Units in "Counter-Subversion Operations" in Stations and Orbital Infrastructure

  • Secure Commerce Commission FTL Networks Security Chief Summoned Before Inner Circle Following Foucault Broadcast and FTL Communications Anomalies

  • Federal Military Commission Initiates Investigation into Ostrakon Agency and Federation Military Links Over Former Member Seriatim Foucault

  • Amarr Empire's Privy Council Meets as Cultist Hunts Continue and Military Circuits Under Scrutiny as Imperial Military Expansion Continues

  • Analysis of Visuals of Seriatim Foucault Indicate Location on Occupied Raravoss III Close to Destroyed City of Port Sarum

  • EDENCOM Intelligence Directorate Issues Report Noting Resilience of Local Resistance Movements in Pochven Despite Differing Approaches of Clades