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Minmatar Republic Deploys Blockade Taskforces in Escalation Against Amarr Empire

    Yulai - The Republic Fleet has deployed taskforces to key regional border systems in the disputed territories between the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic. CONCORD's Inner Circle was given notice of this action by Minmatar delegate Keitan Yun. "The Minmatar Republic cannot stand by and tolerate the recurring violent suppression of our brothers and sisters in slavery by the Amarr Empire. The Tribal Council has instructed the Sanmatar to mobilize the Republic Fleet and enforce a blockade of the [...]

    Multiple Terrorist Attacks Against Amarr Empire as Privy Council Meets

      Amarr Prime - As the Amarr Empire's Privy Council met in special session today, a series of terrorist attacks were carried out on five Amarr worlds across the Empire. Reports of attacks on Alkabsi IV, Dakba IV, Mabnen I, Sehmy III and Thebeka III have been confirmed by the Scope, while Amarr sources indicate the mobilization of Ministry of Internal Order forces across the Empire. Imperial Navy forces are said to be on high alert though no incursions into Amarr space are being reported. While the [...]

      Nugoeihuvi and Wiyrkomi Clash Over Comedy Holodrama

        Maurasi, The Forge - The Caldari Business Tribunal is hearing a complaint from the Wiyrkomi megacorporation today, regarding a new comedy holodrama developed by Bakkomolu Productions, a subsidiary of rival Caldari megacorporation Nugoeihuvi (NOH). Family Business , a new comedic entry into the popular Caldari genre of azelokaivatko holodramas, follows the fortunes and foibles of a fictional great family, the Rekotaa, as they preside over the Kurashinni megacorporation. With the series beginning its [...]

        President Roden Sworn In For Second Term In Villore

          VILLORE - President Jacus Roden has been sworn in for a second term of office during an inauguration ceremony held at Senate Headquarters, in orbit of the sixth moon of Villore Seven. Lead by Head Senator Andon Gardieu and observed by the entire Senate, along with Broyal Alserette, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, President Roden re-affirmed his commitment to the office of President with the traditional Oath of Affirmation which was broadcast to an estimated 9 trillion across the Federation. [...]

          Pressure mounts on Upwell to hand over Serpentis data and hardware

            YULAI - The Federation and Republic have added their formal support to a Directive Enforcement Department mandate issued this morning that demands the handover of all seized technology, blueprints and research equipment that were provided to the Upwell Consortium by private military contractors, after a series of raids on Serpentis Corporation assets over the course of the last week. During this morning's hearing following the open Inner Circle session hosted on Tuesday, Federal Intelligence Office [...]

            Quarantine Situation Escalates – Freedom Extension Orbital Platform Isolated.

              MUTTOKON - The Scope News Network has learned that the situation in orbit of Muttokon II has escalated further this afternoon, after Freedom Extension was ordered to untether the orbital platform of their space elevator that serves the planet. Sources within the corporation have confirmed that the order was issued to the Molden Heath Regional Director of Operations for Freedom Extension by Valkear General Heder Elislar of the Republic Fleet's Pator Command early this morning. The low orbit platform, [...]

              Raid on Khanid Slave Ship Fails to Free "Lost Idama"

                Vezila, Khanid Kingdom - Intaki extremists assaulted the cruiser Pure Faith 's Harvest belonging to Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail, earlier today, apparently in hopes of freeing a slave said to be a "lost Idama". Three frigates carrying the extremists intercepted the cruiser as it was at a transit point between the Gehi stargate and the Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant above Vezila IV. After a brief firefight, the attackers managed to disable and board the vessel while it called for help from local Khanid [...]

                Rare Archeological Find Sparks Inter-Tribal Dispute

                  Huggar (Pator III) - Controversy has erupted after the Galar-Yu Circle, an archaeology group associated with the Vherokior Tribe, successfully unearthed a rare cache of ndokassi hidden beneath the fields of a farmstead in the rural outskirts of Hukerenui township and transferred them to an off-planet research facility. Ndokassi are advanced storage containers, typically measuring a third of a meter on each side, that are known to have been in use across the Minmatar Empire, well before the Amarr [...]

                  Republic Fleet Requests CONCORD Help in Search for Missing Ship in Molden Heath

                    Istodard, Molden Heath - The Minmatar Republic Fleet has requested the assistance of CONCORD in search and rescue efforts aimed at locating and recovering a naval vessel that has gone missing in the Molden Heath region. As CONCORD maintains a large presence in the region, the deployment of the DED's Molden Heath Fleet in support of the Republic's own efforts significantly increases the chances of recovering the ship and crew. CONCORD's Colonel Kasiha Valkanir has been assigned overall command of the [...]

                    Sang Do Council Denounces Capsuleer "Encroachment"; Issues Ultimatum

                      Lirsautton - Following a broadcast for help from sick exiles living on Lirsautton VI, a capsuleer grassroots effort led by the United Neopian Federation and the Arataka Research Consortium constructed an Astrahus -class citadel and planetside colony to provide aid. Yesterday afternoon, the collective efforts started receiving citizens with inflamed lymph nodes, neck pain, nausea, and other symptoms. An Aidonis Foundation official suggested that while the original tribe and Mao Jin shared one [...]

                      Serpentis Fall Back After Failed Assault On Mining Platform

                        AN-G54 - The Serpentis Corporation appears to be in full retreat after a failed assault on Outer Ring Excavation's largest mobile mining and refining platform resulted in heavy losses for their fleet early yesterday morning. Reports are now beginning to emerge after the removal of a communications blackout that saw the parts of the constellation of Regalia in Outer Ring locked down by Mordu's Legion Command forces contracted by the Upwell Consortium. The fortification and lockdown of several systems [...]

                        SoCT Breaks Silence On Construction in Postouvin; Announces Kyonoke Inquest

                          POSTOUVIN - The Society of Conscious thought has outlined full details of an inquest into the interstellar Kyonoke crisis, after revealing construction plans for a Keepstar class citadel that will serve as a base of operations for science teams working toward a resolution. Speaking at a conference before the interstellar press, SoCT Elder Mentor Matshi Raish confirmed that the construction project ongoing in close proximity to the stricken RP4 Hemorphite processing facility in orbit of Postouvin's [...]

                          SoCT Declines To Comment On Construction Platform Tethered Close To RP4 Installation

                            POSTOUVIN - The Scope Galactic News Network has reached out to the Society of Conscious Thought in the last hour, after a flotilla of construction vessels began to arrive in close proximity to the stricken Astral Mining RP4 Hemorphite processing installation. The vessels, which all carry SoCT markings and identification transponders, appear to have commenced the deployment of an Upwell Consortium designed construction scaffold, with numerous jump freighter class vessels arriving to deliver materials [...]

                            Storm Wind Strikeforce Marks Yanala Day with Staggered Leave

                              Arcurio, Caldari Prime - As the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Caldari Prime was marked across the Caldari State yesterday, Storm Wind Strikeforce CEO Uken Nitsinen announced that his mercenary corporation would give staggered leave for almost all of its employees and contractors. Known by many in the State as 'Yanala Day', in token of the sacrifice made by Admiral Visera Yanala, commander of the Leviathan-class Titan CNS Shiigeru. Mercenaries and administrative staff within Storm Wind Strikeforce [...]

                              Sukuuvestaa Awarded Myrskaa Reconstruction Contract After City Is Razed On Schedule

                                OIJANEN - The Myrskaa Metropolitan Corporation has confirmed this evening that the reconstruction contract for the city of Myrskaa has been awarded to the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, after an intense round of bidding and contract negotiations between the two corporations concluded this afternoon. The agreement comes after the city, once home to more than thirty six million, was destroyed by a series of twelve successive hydrogen antimatter detonations yesterday, bringing the quarantine cordon that has [...]

                                The Scope - Bowhead Ambush

                                  The Scope – Bowhead Ambush Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the latest developments from Pirate Insurgency zones, where the Guristas Pirates ambushed a task force including heavily modified Mordu’s Legion Bowhead freighters. With one of the freighters crash-landing on the planet of Hevrice III, it is rumored that the Deathless Circle have deployed experimental “Vanguard” clone troops to the planet to retrieve equipment valuable to their interests. News in Brief Mordu's Legion Release States [...]

                                  The Scope - Chemal Tech Convoy Destroyed

                                    The Scope - Chemal Tech Convoy Destroyed Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the destruction of a Chemal Tech convoy by capsuleers after leaked intelligence compromised their route and cargo. Chemal Tech geneticists recovered from the wreck of the deep space transport at the center of the convoy are now in capsuleer hands. Addendum: Capsuleers in possession of Chemal Tech geneticists urged to contact Demi Restouve via EVEMAIL for details of 1 billion ISK reward for their return, no questions asked. [...]

                                    The Scope - Citadel Destruction, Nullsec Heist

                                      The Scope – Citadel Destruction, Nullsec Heist Alton Haveri reports for The Scope on the latest developments from the war zone, where Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates attacked and destroyed capsuleer-owned citadels around Jovian gates to Zarzakh. The Scope also reports on the heist and sabotage operation perpetrated against The Imperium by a long term member. News in Brief Republic Fleet Confirms Vard Prototype Stellar Transmuter was Scouted by Angels but No Attempt to Capture Facility Made by [...]

                                      The Scope - Continued Developments in the Warzones

                                        The Scope Reports Alton Haveri reports on the evolving circumstances in the warzones as the Caldari State moves to occupy Athounon strategic sites, while the Gallente Federation invades Intaki and the surrounding systems, as the Minmatar aim to power down the captured Amarr prototype stellar transmuters in the Vard and Egmar systems following the successful completion of research efforts. The Scope News in Brief Federation Navy Entrenches Positions in Intaki System, Viriette and Fislipesnes [...]

                                        The Scope - Extreme Stellar Event Devastates Turnur

                                          The Scope Reports Alton Haveri reports on the devastating stellar event which occurred in Turnur yesterday, its cataclysmic consequences for the system's smoldering first planet, and an uncertain future to come following the Amarr Empire’s completion of the Stellar Transmuter research that precipitated this catastrophe. The Scope News in Brief Demonstrations and Protests Over Turnur Incident Continue in Federation and Republic Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Granted Expanded Emergency Powers by Tribal Council [...]

                                          The Scope - Fury at FWST-8

                                            The Scope Galactic News Network Reports on the Fury at FWST-8 Fury at FWST-8 Rages Over PAPI Keepstars Further Reporting from the New Eden Correspondents by ISD Deloro A Foothold in the Fortress - The first fight around a PAPI Keepstar in Delve Up to 3,800 capsuleers and about 1 trillion ISK in damages; the fight over a Keepstar in FWST-8 on October 5th YC122 was an endurance test for capsuleer and craft and became the current war's record - for the time being. In the war - dubbed World War Bee II by [...]

                                            The Scope - Growing Fears Over Stargates


                                              The Scope - Mysterious Ship Construction

                                                The Scope - Mysterious Ship Construction Watch as Alton Haveri reports on footage of a mysterious ship being assembled at an unknown ORE. facility, as well as the progress made by the Upwell Consortium - aided by capsuleers - on their prototype facility in Auviken. News in Brief Security services call for investigation into Upwell intelligence leak Empress Catiz I remains silent on Upwell as Ardishapur urges caution with new technologies. Inhabitants of Ouelletta, Verge Vendor, warned to remain [...]

                                                The Scope - Pirates Threaten Citadels; SCC Clamp Down

                                                  The Scope – Pirates Threaten Citadels; SCC Clamp Down Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the latest developments from Zarzakh, where the Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates have threatened capsuleer-owned citadels near Jovian stargates. The Scope also reports on an SCC crackdown on money laundering and increased capsuleer activity in Turnur. News in Brief Deathless Circle and Pirate Allies Demand Removal of Capsuleer Structures in Alsavoinon and G-0Q86 Fierce Fighting in Aldranette System as State [...]