Upwell Delivers Gifts In Celebration Of Capsuleer Day!

New Eden News | YC118-05-06 - By Alton Haveri

4C-B7X - The Upwell Consortium has confirmed delivery of gifts to Capsuleers across the cluster today, as organizations throughout New Eden begin celebration of "Capsuleer Day" on the thirteenth anniversary of the issue of the first commercial capsuleer pilot licenses.

Upwell formally announced yesterday that all capsuleers would receive an Upwell themed SKIN for their capsule, as well as festival launchers and pyrotechnics, all of which have now been delivered in one of the largest logistical operations undertaken by the Consortium this year.

While the Upwell Consortium remains under fire from critics surrounding alleged misrepresentation of its product lineup and its decision to forego warnings regarding the dangers of colonizing unregulated space, celebrations have already begun across the cluster as capsuleer pilots take to the space lanes with vessels loaded with celebratory pyrotechnics.