The Scope - Upwell Developments & Info Leaks

New Eden News | YC126-04-12 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope - Upwell Developments & Info Leaks

Watch as Alton Haveri reports on footage of a mysterious ship being assembled at an unknown ORE facility, as well as the progress made by the Upwell Consortium - aided by capsuleers - on their prototype facility in Auviken.

News in Brief

  • President Aguard praises Upwell’s “innovative use of technology”.

  • One Trillion ISK worth of assets destroyed in a capsuleer battle in Ahbazon, Genesis.

  • Fears of mass hysteria as belief in secret Wormhole War conspiracy theory on the rise.

  • Tribal Council to review Upwell leak in rare public session.

  • Mobile Tractor Unit destroyed in ritual scholars are calling “previously unrecorded kind of heresy”.

  • Intaki autonomists hold economic summit to consider alternatives to tourism.

  • Deathless Custodians reportedly acquire kidnapped Chemal Tech geneticist offered by Fraternity.