The Scope – Concord Shipcaster Spying Scandal

New Eden News | YC125-03-03 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Concord Shipcaster Spying Scandal

Alton Haveri reports on the Concord shipcaster spying scandal that is threatening Amarr and Caldari relations, the rumored capabilities of the shipcasters and the latest developments in Intaki.

The Scope – News in Brief

  • Interstellar Diplomacy Rocked by EDENCOM Spying Scandal as Empire Delegates Confer with Governments

  • Federation Authorities Register Increase of Intaki Prime System Security Status to 0.5

  • CONCORD Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya Discussing "Future of EDENCOM" with Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir

  • Caldari-Minmatar Security Conference in Airaken System Explores Co-operation in Response to Spying Scandal

  • Senate Delegation Visits Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility on Intaki Prime to Inspect Naval Installations

  • 3,000 Ships Lost in Battle as Capsuleer Alliances Clash in Fighting Across MDM8-J Constellation in Pure Blind

  • Executive General Heika Torigo and Hetman General Kanth Filmir Confirmed as Attendees at Airaken Security Conference

  • Minmatar Militia Fighters Capture Wartorn Floseswin System Threatening Sarum Strongholds in Eugidi System

  • Svarog Clade Assault on Vale IV sees "Hundreds of Siege Elites" Attacking Veles Clade Bases According to Resistance

  • Intaki Syndicate Representatives Reportedly in Attendance at Caldari-Minmatar Security Conference in Airaken

  • EDENCOM and CONCORD Intelligence Operatives Expelled from Caldari State and Minmatar Republic

  • Intaki Autonomist Leader Jonas Ivestara Addresses 100,000 at Rally in Navyii Akat Amidst High Security Presence

  • Caldari State Declines to Comment on Reports Data from Resistance Movements in Pochven Used in Shipcaster Research

  • Federal Intelligence Office Accuses Intara Direct Action PMC of Smuggling Arms to Free Intaki Army

  • Republic Press Speculation Mounts Over Possible Suspension of Military Alliance with Gallente Federation

  • Further Energy Discharges Detected in Atmosphere of Raravoss III as Svarog World Ark Detected Offloading Transports

  • General Varanori Ruukin of State Peacekeepers Accuses Federation Intelligence Office of Involvement in EDENCOM Spying