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Catiz I Addresses Capsuleers And Imperial Guard after Historic Day In Dam-Torsad

    AMARR - Empress Catiz I has stirred speculation among political analysts across the cluster after a rousing first public address to the Imperial Guard and capsuleers in orbit of Amarr Prime this evening. Speaking publicly for the first time as head of state on board the Avatar class titan TES Purity , flagship for the Imperial Guard's Throne Worlds Fleet, Empress Catiz spoke of a new era for the Amarr Empire under her rule, with focus on bolstering the strength of the Imperial economy, rejuvenating [...]

    DED Confirms Age Of Tukoss Footage, Releases Detainees

      YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department has released further information relating to footage that has now been confirmed to be the final broadcast from Dr Hilen Tukoss. Speaking from DED Headquarters in Yulai, Brigadier General Odo Korachi confirmed that the origin of the footage was traced to a now disused FTL transponder in Eram, which further confirms that Tukoss may have been attempting to broadcast a final warning to his coworkers on the Arek'Jalaan Project at Site One. General Korachi also [...]

      DED Confirms Death Of Tukoss, Eifyr Executes Will

        ELGOI - After dialogue with Eifyr and Co. this afternoon, The Scope can now confirm that the Directive Enforcement Department have formally identified the late Dr. Hilen Tukoss, and have passed on notification of his death to the corporation, which became his employer after his departure from Zainou Biotech in August YC113. This move by CONCORD now frees up Eifyr and Co. to execute his will. However, when questioned during a statement made at their corporate headquarters, the corporation declined to [...]

        DED Confirms Drifter Threat Analysis

          YULAI - In the wake of a substantial increase in Drifter presence in systems under Amarr sovereignty, the Directive Enforcement Department has today released full details of their threat analysis on the mysterious vessels. In a release made by Brigadier General Odo Korachi, commander of the DED's Genesis Fleet, analysis on Drifter behavior and aggression was relayed to the press for public dissemination based on eyewitness accounts from civilian and military vessels, as well as extensive data from the [...]

          Diplomatic and Market Turmoil Across New Eden Following Activation of Turnur Stellar Transmuter

            Above: Activated Imperial Prototype Stellar Transmuter in Turnur System Turnur Stellar Transmuter Activation Causes Diplomatic Crisis Admist Interstellar Outrage Yulai, Genesis – Hopes are fading for a diplomatic resolution to the controversy and conflict over the Imperial Prototype Stellar Transmuters in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone, as interstellar outrage over the activation of the Turnur transmuter has been echoed by hardening diplomatic postures amongst all the core empires. For its part, the Amarr [...]

            Directive Enforcement Department Detains Several Key Guardian Angels Members

              YULAI - A heavily armored transport arrived in Yulai this morning, carrying individuals believed to be members of the leadership of the Guardian Angels and Serpentis Corporation's narcotics distribution network. Security has remained tight around the unknown number of detainees, who are rumoured to be key links in the narcotics trade in the regions of Solitude, Aridia, Syndicate Placid and Delve. The undisclosed number of prisoners, believed to be in the region of fifteen individuals, were escorted to [...]

              Empress Catiz Proclaims Imperial Edict Offering Path to Freedom Through Service

                Above: Empress Catiz I Honor Guard in orbit of Amarr Prime Empress Catiz Proclaims Imperial Edict Offering Path to Freedom Through Service Amarr, Throne Worlds – Empress Catiz I has proclaimed an Imperial Edict offering slaves the option to volunteer for special military services, with their Holder’s permission. Those who do will be freed after five years of service. The edict was also retroactively applied to selected individuals who have already met its requirements. The edict comes as the Privy [...]

                Flight Trials Begin For Imperial Flagship

                  SAFIZON - The Imperial flagship _TES Auctoritas _ was sighted in the Norgoh constellation of Domain today, accompanied by a flotilla of escort vessels as she traveled across the Throne Worlds toward Ebidan, where it is rumored the flight trials of the most recent addition to the Amarr Navy are due to begin this week. _Auctoritas _was announced as the new Ceremonial Imperial Flagship and officially named by Empress Jamyl Sarum I on July 20th, when she visited Amarr Navy Headquarters in Safizon to [...]

                  Formal Identification Of Remains Found In Kyonoke Pit Implicates Kaalakiota And Home Guard

                    NEW CALDARI - C-Level management from both the Kaalakiota Corporation and its security arm, the Home Guard, have been called before the Chief Executive Panel this afternoon after the remains found inside the quarantine cordon at the Kyonoke Pit were identified as those of a decorated Home Guard pilot. The pilot in question, Flight Lieutenant Ohmon Kasaras, was a highly decorated young combat pilot who had served with the corporation for two decades. Aged 38, he was in the early stages of what Home [...]

                    Galar-Yu Circle, Ihumanoana Circle, Riri Clan Arrange Compromise in Ndokassi Dispute

                      Hukerenui township, Huggar (Pator III) - Representatives of the Galar-Yu Circle, the Brutor Tribe, and Riri Clan announced today that they had negotiated an agreement on the ndokassi relics dispute. The ndokassi had been discovered on lands belonging to the Riri Clan of the Sebiestor Tribe, however this area is also recorded as once being held by the defunct Great Clan of Kul-Brutor. The discovery by archaeologists of the Vherokior Tribe's Galar-Yu Circle sparked a heritage property controversy [...]

                      Home Guard Confirms Completion Of Myrksaa Saturation - Direct Treatment & Screening Ongoing

                        OIJANEN - In a progress report delivered to the Chief Executive Panel this afternoon, the Home Guard have confirmed that a joint effort between the Ishukone Corporation and Zainou has been successful in saturating the Quarantined city of Myrskaa with an airborne treatment of Agent 0410 - the controversial antidote to the Kyonoke Plague. Speaking before the CEP this afternoon, Asiaineras Isuki, a Lonetrek based Security Director and tactical advisor for the Home Guard, confirmed that "a sustained 48 [...]

                        Illegal Workers Union Condemned as Protests Spread Through Caldari State

                          Above: Caldari cities are seeing increasing protests across the State Illegal Workers Union Condemned as Protests Spread Through Caldari State New Caldari Prime – Civil unrest in the Caldari State over new rationing has reached new heights as an illegal workers union declares plans for stoppages. According to a statement issued by workers from each of the "Big Eight" megacorporations, strikes will be held throughout the State unless their demands are met. These demands include an end to rationing, [...]

                          Imperial Guard Tour Dam-Torsad Ahead Of Coronation

                            AMARR - Residents of downtown Dam-Torsad were greeted with an extraordinary sight this afternoon, as senior officers of the Imperial Guard, including Commanding Officer General Momed Sarshor, toured a number of routes through the Empire's capital city as part of security preparations for the coronation of Empress Catiz I. Excited citizens took to the fluid routers throughout the early afternoon, posting pictures and holovids of more than fifty officers dressed in specially commissioned golden [...]

                            Imperial Guard confirms rumors of thwarted attack in Throne Worlds

                              KEHOUR - Several decks of the Emperor Family Bureau in orbit of the second moon of Kehour VIII remain sealed off to the public this afternoon, after a failed chemical attack against Imperial Guard personnel based on board the station. In a statement released just moments ago, a spokeswoman for the Emperor Family confirmed that "three chemical devices were placed and subsequently detonated around an atmosphere handling and processing plant on board the station's mid-level service deck. This resulted in [...]

                              Imperial Navy Forces Push Back Second Drifter Advance

                                SAFIZON - The clean-up of wreckage and the rescue of tens of thousands of navy personnel has concluded after a twenty four hour salvage operation around Amarr Navy Headquarters. The operation comes in the wake of the second Drifter assault on Amarr Navy Headquarters in two weeks, the most recent far larger and more focused than the initial attack on July 31st. Led by Grand Admiral Ren Karetta of the Amarr Navy's Third Fleet, a force of more than five hundred Amarr Navy vessels, including hundreds of [...]

                                Increase in Pirate Raids and Presence of Blood Raider and Guristas Bases Raised in CONCORD Assembly

                                  Yulai - Rising levels of pirate raiding activity against empire resource fields have been brought up as an urgent matter of concern at the CONCORD Assembly by representatives from the four major empires. Questions were also asked about the presence of pirate "Forward Operating Bases" and intelligence assessments that the number of these bases could increase. Meeting at a special session of the CONCORD Assembly called to discuss cluster-wide security threats and response co-ordination, delegates raised [...]

                                  Inquest Center Buzzes With Activity As Science Teams Arrive From Across New Eden

                                    POSTOUVIN - A steady stream of vessels arrived throughout the course of this morning, as science teams from all four corners of the cluster continue to descend the Kyonoke Inquest Center and begin to set up a base of operations. The first to arrive was a joint Matari team from Boundless Creation and Six Kin Development, who have been engaged in dealing with the Kyonoke outbreak on board the orbital platform of a space elevator in Muttokon, which marked the first known case of Kyonoke Plague ever [...]

                                    InterBus CEO Haukkakka Pukara Dies at Age 77

                                      InterBus CEO Haukkakka Pukara Dies at Age 77 Yulai, Genesis – Haukkakka Pukara, CEO of the InterBus corporation, has died at the age of 77. Pukara passed away unexpectedly in the early hours of the morning. He was discovered by the staff at his estate on Yulai III and is believed to have suffered a massive cardiopulmonary arrest event in his sleep. Pukara had served as the CEO of InterBus since the company's founding in YC72. A young CONCORD administrator at the time, Pukara was appointed to lead the [...]

                                      Ishukone and CEP Battle SARO in CONCORD Assembly Over Dangerous Research Materials

                                        Yulai - Following an order from SARO Command Liaison Captain Oveg Drust that capsuleer organization Arakata Research Consortium [-ARC-] hand over its stockpile of over 20,000 Triglavian trinary samples, and a confidential appeal by the Caldari State and associated parties, current State Delegate to the Inner Circle and Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola formally argued the State case at the CONCORD Assembly today. The committee session handling the appeal was ordered to be held in the open after applications [...]

                                        Ishukone and Hyasyoda Call for Tribunal to Open Case Over Claims of NOH and CBD Smuggling

                                          New Caldari - Ishukone and Hyasyoda have submitted findings from a year-long joint investigation into alleged smuggling by Nugoeihuvi and CBD to the Caldari Business Tribunal, calling on the Caldari intercorporate court to open a case that may lead to penalties for the accused megacorps. Witness testimony, shipping manifests, and whistle-blowers support claims that the NOH and CBD megacorporations used extralegal means of moving goods and peoples across the border during the YC119 partial closure, [...]

                                          Kador Family Heir Meets With Empress Catiz Amid Domain Security Concerns

                                            AMARR - The Scope has learned that Lady Hamideh Kador has arrived in the Imperial capital of Dam-Torsad a little over an hour ago for an audience with Empress Catiz I. The audience - which is not listed on the public roster of engagements for the Empress - appears to have been arranged at short notice, and sources within the Empire indicate that it relates to security concerns surrounding a substantial increase in foreign traffic passing through the Fua constellation of Domain, which borders the [...]

                                            Kahah Casualties in the Millions; Deathglow Drug Linked to Attacks; Queen Zidarez Injured but Safe

                                              Kahah III, Khanid Kingdom - Many millions of casualities are being reported on Kahah III, and other planets in the Kahah system, following a series of chemical weapon attacks, widespread slave revolts and "pacification actions" by Khanid forces. Chemical weapon attacks were carried out two days ago, across several planets of the Kahah system. The weaponized chemicals are reported to have been analyzed and incorporate the drug "Deathglow", a hallucinogenic derivative of the rare mineral Chromodynamic [...]

                                              Kahah Situation Escalates to Mass Violence in Space; Khanid Forces and CONCORD Respond

                                                Kahah, Khanid Kingdom - Open conflict between the Royal Khanid Navy and Minmatar capsuleers from the Ushra'Khan alliance broke out last night, as the ongoing Kahah Rebellion continues to provoke strong passions in the interstellar community. The incident saw a Minmatar militia freighter destroyed by the intervention of a Khanid Navy Aeon -class supercarrier, and an apparent retaliatory strike on a CONCORD observer vessel by Ushra'Khan capsuleers. Khanid forces were responding to an attempt to land [...]

                                                Kyonoke Inquest Center Formally Opens; Full Federal And Genolution Taskforces Arrive

                                                  POSTOUVIN - The Society of Conscious Thought has confirmed the official commissioning of the Kyonoke Inquest Center, which lies in close proximity to the quarantined RP4 Hemorphite processing facility in Postouvin. Speaking to a selection of interstellar press whom were invited aboard the structure for the occasion, SoCT Elder Mentor Raish confirmed that the facility is now fully operational, and has been formally designated as the "H4-RP4 Kyonoke Inquest Center". Adding to the announcement, he stated [...]