The Scope – Stargates to Zarzakh Reveal Jovian Station

New Eden News | YC125-09-19 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Stargates to Zarzakh Reveal Jovian Station

The presence of an ancient Jovian station in the previously unexplored and remote system of "Zarzakh" has been revealed by four recently discovered Jovian stargates registering with interstellar FTL communications networks. Alton Haveri reports on deepening concerns over the Deathless Circle's control of such a strategically important system and the Jovian station at its heart.

News in Brief

  • Society of Conscious Thought Calls for Urgent Meeting of CONCORD Assembly as Fears Grow Over Stargates

  • Ancient Jovian Stargates Registering Connections to Zarzakh from Alsavoinon, G-0Q86, H-PA29, and Turnur Systems

  • Proposal from Gallente Senators to Open Joint Talks on Alsavoinon with Caldari State Rebuffed by President Aguard

  • Presence of Possible Jovian Station Under Pirate Control Alarms Interstellar Governments and Corporations

  • DED and EDENCOM Monitoring Increased Angel Cartel And Guristas Pirates Activity As Stargates Change Status

  • Deathless Circle Organization's Reach Compared to Major Pirate and Criminal Cartels by Federal Intelligence Office

  • Caldari Navy High Command Brief Chairman Akimaka Saraki on Conflict in Amevync and Ishaga Constellations

  • Interstellar Shipping and Navigation Bodies Reviewing Possible New Trade Routes as Stargate Connections Revealed

  • Tribal Council Meets Over Turnur Stargate as Angel Cartel and Deathless Circle Links to Thukker Renegades Raised

  • EDENCOM Reports Signs of Increased Intensity in Fighting Between Triglavian Collective and Drifters in Abyssal Deadspace

  • Special Investigation into Rogue Caldari Research Corporation Opened by Caldari Business Tribunal

  • Imperial Forces Continue to Press on Several Fronts in Amarr-Minmatar Warzone as Sword Marshals Monitor Turnur Situation

  • Caldari State Chief Executive Panel Authorizes New Colonial Charters in Syndicate Region Territories

  • Capsuleers Mull Potential Changes to Strategic Geography in Nullsec in Light of Registered Stargate Connections

  • Astronomers Confirm Star in Close Proximity to "Point of No Return" Previously Known as a Scientific Curiosity