The Scope – Brutal Hijack of ORE Ship by Angel Cartel Confirmed

New Eden News | YC124-02-18 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope's Alton Haveri reports on the hijack of an ORE research vessel and kidnap of researchers confirmed to be carried out by the notorious Angel Cartel unit "Commando Zohar".

In Other News

  • ORE Security and Upwell Consortium Investigators Confirm Angel Cartel Behind Brutal Assault on Research Vessel

  • Minmatar Tribal Assembly Begins Full Sessions as Debates Within Brutor, Krusual, and Sebiestor Tribes Wrap Up

  • Caldari State Protectorate Offensive Continues to Advance in Placid and Verge Vendor

  • Notorious Cartel Hijack Gang Identified as 'Commando Zohar' Reporting to Dominations Leadership

  • 24th Imperial Crusade Retakes Arzad System Following Tribal Liberation Force Occupation

  • ORE Technologies Ship ORS Astrolabe Moved to Upwell Consortium Forensic Investigation Facility

  • Snuffed Out Capsuleer Group Attempts Rescue of Trapped Dreadnought Fleet in 4-HWF Following Attack on Fraternity Titan

  • President Celes Aguard Backs CONCORD Peacekeeping Initiative in Caldari-Gallente Militia Warzone

  • Families of Kidnapped ORE Researchers Await News of Loved Ones as Capsuleers Raid Serpentis and Angel Gala Facilities

  • Rote Kapelle Citadels in Pochven Destroyed as Large Capsuleer Fleets Contest Control of Triglavian Space

  • Upwell Consortium's Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance Briefs Member Corporations on Security Enhancements

  • EDENCOM Monitors Report "Apparent Large Movements of Material from Underground to Surface" on Raravoss III

  • Ishukone Watch, Lai Dai Protection Service, and SuVee Peace & Order Unit Sign Placid Jurisdiction Memorandum with SARO/DERAIL Taskforce

  • ORE Executives Confirm that Recovery Bounties Offered for Return of Kidnapped Compression Researchers Funded Personally by Yani Sar Arteu

  • House Sarum Planetary Assault Dreadnoughts and Troop Carriers Detected Moving to Positions in Eugidi Occupation Zone

  • ORE Declines to Comment on Reports of Capsuleer Attempts to Extort Unspecified Demands Using Kidnapped ORE Researchers

  • Triglavian Transmissions in Pochven Indicate "Attentive Appreciation of Kybernaut Concrete Dialectics in the Proving" says University of Caille Academic

  • Capsuleer Conflict Over Customs Offices Escalates as Blackflag, Wrecking Machine, Omega and Friends, and 10.K Engage in Hi-Sec Warfare

  • Situation in Amarr-Minmatar Warzone High on Agenda of Tribal Assembly as Maleatu Shakor Seeks Reconfirmation as Sanmatar

  • Ardishapur and Sarum Royal Heirs Hold Sword Marshals Council in Imperial City of Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime

  • Gallente Senate Delegation on New Caldari Prime Tours Reconstructed Chief Executive Spire Pinnacle with Chairman Akimaka Saraki

  • Known Angel Cartel Operative Rafik Zohar Identified as Leader of Commando Assault Team Hijacking ORS Esperance

  • 'Panfam' Alliances Attack Venal Resident Capsuleer Groups Destroying Structures as New Alliances are Formed in Response

  • Sources at Outer Ring Excavations Indicate Return of "Approximately a Dozen" Kidnapped ORE Researchers to ORE Stations

  • Fraternity Alliance Dissolves Non-Invasion Pact with Venal Resident Capsuleers as Capital Ship Movements are Observed in Region