The Scope – Angel Cartel & Guristas Pirates Insurgencies

New Eden News | YC125-11-17 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Angel Cartel & Guristas Pirates Insurgencies

Alton Haveri reports for The Scope on the latest developments from the militia warzones, where Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirate Insurgencies have begun, with the appearance of pirate Forward Operating Bases prompting ORE to appeal to capsuleers for assistance.

News in Brief

  • Pirate Insurgencies Launching Raids from Zarzakh Shipcaster and Warzone FOBs

  • Angel Cartel Raids Taking Place in Floseswin and Neighboring Star Systems

  • Guristas Pirates Launch Large Raids from Renarelle FOB into Nearby Systems

  • Corporate Outposts Reported to be Under Heavy Attack by Pirate Raiders

  • Guristas Assault Groups Destroy Initiative Alliance Fortizar in Alsavoinon

  • EverMore Group Hails Decision to Exempt EverMarks from SCC Anti-Money Laundering Measures

  • President Celes Aguard Authorizes Increased Federal Military and Security Forces in Intaki System

  • Angel Cartel Assault Troops Reported Landing at Remote Mining Facilites on Floseswin IV

  • Alarm in Archavoinet as High Security System Comes Under Attack from Guristas Pirates

  • Amarr Empire Condemns Angel Cartel Raids as "Naked Piracy and Brutal Criminal Exploitation"

  • Renegade Capsuleers Flock to Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates Ranks in Insurgency Zones

  • Republic Fleet Deploys Fresh Reinforcments to Amo System as Attacks Ongoing in Eugidi Constellation

  • Angel Cartel Raids Spread Across Ten Systems as Renegade Capsuleers Support Insurgency

  • Paragon Corporation Expects SCC Exemption for EverMarks to Come into Effect in the Coming Week

  • Federal Marines Garrison on Renarelle V Reports Skirmishing with Guristas Landing Parties

  • Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates Reassert Control Over Zarzakh Gate Orbital Zones Following Citadel Assaults

  • Upwell Consortium Chairman Yani Sar Arteu Condemns Pirate Raiders as Corporate Facilities Raided

  • Chief Executive Panel Chairman Akimaka Saraki Authorizes Additional Caldari Navy Forces in Onnamon

  • Guristas Pirates Hijack Mining Fleets and Cargo Convoys Across Placid Region as Raids Spread into Hisec Space

  • Republic Fleet Forces Enhance Security Presence on Captured Transmuters in Egmar and Vard

  • Intaki Assembly Condemns Guristas Raids on Colonies in Placid but Deplores Federal Military Expansion

  • Loyalist Militia Capsuleers Fighting Back Against Pirates and Capsuleer Renegade Attackers

  • Thukker Tribe Ice Mining Operation on Uisper IX Repels Angel Cartel Raid with Heavy Pirate Losses

  • Colonel Oveg Drust of SARO Blasts Angels and Guristas Capsuleers as "Lower Then Triglavian Supporters"

  • Imperial Navy Deploys Reserves to Mehatoor HQ of Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh's Fleet Group Damius

  • Mordu's Legion Security Forces Responding to Pirate Raiders as ORE Miners Come Under Attack

  • CONCORD Inner Circle Holds Briefing with DED and EDENCOM Officers and 'Big 4' Empire Security Officials