The Scope – Ancient Jovian Stargates Discovered

New Eden News | YC125-08-26 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Ancient Jovian Stargates Discovered

Alton Haveri reports on the discovery of four ancient Jovian stargates across New Eden by a number of capsuleer researchers and explorers. The gates have been found, but what comes next? Where do these ancient stargates lead? Who is the Deathless, what are his goals, and what does his organization have in store for New Eden?

News in Brief

  • Mysterious Jovian Stargates Discovered in Four Locations Widely Spread Across New Eden Cluster

  • Society of Conscious Thought Welcomes Discoveries and Rewards Capsuleer Researchers for Location Data

  • Capsuleer Groups Raced to Decipher Deathless Circle Data with Arataka Research and Fraternity Leading Efforts

  • CONCORD Warns of Intelligence Indicating Large Increase in Pirate Activity in Militia Warzones

  • Deathless Data Leading to Gates in Turnur and G-0Q86 Deciphered by Fraternity Pilots of Winter Co. Research Group

  • Discovery of Stargate in H-PA29 System Made by Capsuleer Khac of Marakuga Alliance Aided by Open Source Analysis

  • SoCT Specialists Warn of High Probability of Local Gravitational Instabilities if Ancient Stargates Activate

  • Hidden Jovian Stargate in Alsavoinon System Found by Goonswarm Pilot Sairon Istyar Working with ARC Investigators

  • Likely Control of Gates by Deathless Circle and Pirate Allies Increases Speculation on Intent of Criminal Network

  • Capsuleer Alliances Reported Establishing Citadels Close to Stargate Despite SOCT Warnings

  • Large Guristas Fleet Movements Detected in Venal Region Following Capsuleer Discovery of Jovian Stargate in H-PA29

  • Caldari State Chief Executive Panel Reported Considering Offensive to Take Alsavoinon from Federation Control

  • Angel Combat Wings Mobilizing Across Cartel Territory in Curse Region After Discovery of Stargate in G-0Q86

  • Fears Grow in Floseswin of New Amarr Empire Effort to Invade Eugidi Constellation Due to Presence of Jovian Gate

  • EDENCOM Chiefs and DED Officers Meet with CONCORD Inner Circle as Alarm Raised that Stargates Pose New Invasion Threat