CONCORD Press Conference on Drifters Disrupted by Shouting Match Between Scope Journalist and Amarr Inner Circle Member

New Eden News | YC121-02-19 - By Alton Haveri

Yulai - There were extraordinary scenes at a press conference called this morning by CONCORD to address reports of growing Drifter activity across New Eden, as it was disrupted by an argument between the Scope's Ret Gloriaxx and Amarr Delegate to the Inner Circle, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh. The presser took a discordant turn during the Q&A when Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, asked for comment on Drifter and CONCORD activities in Semiki system.

The press conference at CONCORD's Yulai X DED station began with a statement from Sirdan xer Qosh confirming that CONCORD and the major empires had detected a growth in apparent Drifter activity since before the end of YC120, primarily marked by an increase in the "unidentified wormholes" that are the signature of Drifter incursions into New Eden known-space.

Accompanying Delegate xer Qosh at the conference was Captain Oveg Drust, of CONCORD's Case Red Gamma Taskforce, and Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, head of the AEGIS division responsible for spacelane security. Captain Drust, recently in the news over the "Semiki Incident" reported that "counter-measures aimed at reducing Drifter capacities have been developed and, we can now report, are being rolled out with considerable success."

Provost Valkanir reported that AEGIS had taken part in "operations to increase the security of New Eden's space in line with the remit of my division." The head of AEGIS also noted that her division's remit had been extended to include "security actions" on all forms of space infrastructure covered by the Yulai Convention, as well as spaceship traffic.

Delegate xer Qosh, summing up, said, "CONCORD's police and security forces have the primary role of ensuring that New Eden's space is secure and peaceful under the mandate given us by the assembly of member states. We will brook no interference with this duty and will always act first and foremost in the interests of the populace at large. As such, we have no comment on broader issues but will take questions of clarification on our report today."

The ACN's Zara Serir asked for details on the impact of CONCORD operations on the Amarr Empire and was assured by Captain Marshal xer Qosh that the Empire's security was being "enhanced by CONCORD forces, primarily consisting of Imperial service personnel seconded to DED, working with elements of the Imperial Navy." Yasda Hadoka of the NoH News Network made a similar enquiry regarding the Caldari State's security, to which Provost Valkanir responded with assurances that State and Megacorp security forces were involved at all times.

Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx then asked for an account of CONCORD operations in Semiki and the presence of Drifter forces in that system over the last few days. Captain Oveg Drust responded, "CONCORD operations are classified but it is a matter of record that Drifters were engaged and the threat neutralized, we do not consider the Drifter presence in Semiki to be unusual against the background of overall Drifter activity currently."

Attempting a followup, Gloriaxx asked "how can it be said the Drifter activity in Semiki is not unusual after detailed capsuleer reports on events there?" At this point, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh forcefully stated that "Capsuleer exaggerations and hyperbole do not inform or shape CONCORD policy and are not the subject of this conference." Gloriaxx reports that xer Qosh then "bellowed" for the "next question".

With the voice pickup focusing on another journalist, Gloriaxx shouted his question again, adding "why are CONCORD so afraid of capsuleers?" Several reporters present agree that Sirdan xer Qosh then "gesticulated" while shouting something that recorders partially picked up as "not afraid of meddling degenerates" before Provost Valkanir stepped forward and closed the press conference amidst scenes of confusion.

In related news, Semiki system is still the scene of a major information systems intrusion incident on the Zainou and Aliastra stations, with the Wiyrkomi and Core Complexion stations reporting increasing attempts at remote intrusion by the infowar virus that was unleashed a month ago. SCC specialists have confirmed that the Semiki-Antiainen gate and interstellar fluid routers remain uncompromised.