Bakkomolu Productions Dissolved Amidst NOH/Wiyrkomi Row

New Eden News | YC120-11-02 - By Alton Haveri

Josameto, The Forge - In a surprise move early this morning, Nugoeihuvi Corporation filed financial instruments with the House of Records dissolving their Bakkomolu Productions holofilm subsidiary. The move comes after Bakkomolu's azelokaivatko comedy Family Business was the subject of a legal action brought before the Caldari Business Tribunal by rival megacorp Wiyrkomi.

NOH released a statement, which read in part, "Due to market conditions as well as recent legal attacks, Bakkomolu Productions will cease operations. Its employees and assets will be made available at fair market rates, following standard procedure. We fully expect that this will close the matter currently before the CBT as the corporation in question no longer exists."

Additional filings with the House of Records indicate that the majority of Bakkomolu's assets have already been acquired by a newly incorporated NOH subsidiary, Pikohimo Features. When reached for comment, Pikohimo spokesperson Silla Iwi stated, "We at Pikohimo are very excited to embark on this new creative enterprise into unexplored thematic territory. In preparation for the next season, we've scouted some of the top talent in the business, such as esteemed director Fuzo Kinnuva and the entire original cast of Family Business. We are fortunate that the original cast appears willing to hire on to complete the next chapter, and our negotiations are ongoing. "

In cases where contract negotiations between production companies and stars have failed in the past, Caldari companies often recruit fresh faces who will undergo surgical modification intended to make them resemble the character whose role they will be filling. This is a more cost-effective method than the practice, increasingly widespread in the Gallente holofilm industry, of body-swapping using tailored and sculpted biomass clones.

Opinion is divided among experts on Caldari corporate law as to the merits of NOH's dissolution strategy. Viili Takana, partner with Ikomari-Onu CF&L Services, commented, "Technically speaking, this maneuver is probably insufficient to shield NOH from further legal action on the original matter should Wiyrkomi wish to press it. However, the act of dissolution and costs of reorganization of the assets might be seen as sufficient for Wiyrkomi and the Seituoda family's wish to maintain face."

Wiyrkomi and the CBT did not respond to the Scope's requests for comment on this development. An anonymous source within Wiyrkomi suggested that, "If the new season of Pikohimo Features azelokaivatko output contines to cast insult on the Seituoda name it will only inflame the situation. I am not sure the family will wait to be insulted anew."