CONCORD Joint Command Announces Success of Capsuleer Assault on Blood Raiders as Threat Level is Lowered

New Eden News | YC118-11-01 - By Alton Haveri

YULAI - The joint command of CONCORD and core empires fighting against the recent Blood Raider Covenant attacks on cloning facilities has announced that its major offensive against the Blood Raiders has been a complete success, in large part due to the efforts of independent capsuleers.

Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, Imperial Delegate to the CONCORD Inner Circle and Commander of Anti-Covenant Joint Operations, declared his "total satisfaction that the threat from the Blood Raider cultists has been stamped out". CONCORD Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya expressed her "gratitude for the tremendous assistance of the independent capsuleer community in the fight against these renegades".

CONCORD's DED has confirmed that an investigation has been opened into the interest of the Blood Raider Covenant in new cloning technology and will be pursuing all avenues, including any leading to "those who may have collaborated with these terrorists".