Caldari Navy intercepts Guristas convoy in Black Rise

New Eden News | YC118-03-16 - By Alton Haveri

AKIDAGI - The Scope can now confirm rumors of a skirmish in the early hours of this morning that left a significant number of Caldari Navy vessels in need of repairs, and more than two dozen Guristas vessels destroyed.

In a statement issued by the Caldari Navy approximately an hour ago, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado of the Caldari Navy's 37th 'Octopus' Squadron confirmed that "three Caldari Navy Caracal-class cruisers and four Scorpion-class battleships were heavily damaged during an engagement close to the Enaluri stargate in Akidagi, Black Rise, this morning. The contact occurred after Navy forces tracked and intercepted what was believed to be a Guristas Production logistics convoy."

An abridged report on the destruction of the convoy which was provided alongside the statement from the Caldari Navy contained details of a number of frigate and cruiser class escort vessels, as well as two Charon-class freighters loaded with clone reanimation units and medical equipment, all of which was destroyed. It is believed that an estimated four thousand Guristas personnel were killed in the assault, including medical and security staff along with crew and passengers.

The statement also included details of the involvement of a third force which assaulted the Guristas vessels midway through the Navy's engagement. When questioned regarding the identity of the third party, Wing Commander Korrado responded that "the identity of the third party, who at this stage appear to have come to the aid of the Caldari Navy, is still unknown."

When further questioned regarding the involvement of a third party in Caldari Navy operations, Korrado confirmed that "whoever these individuals are, they were operating illegally, and independently of the Caldari Navy, within Caldari borders, without Caldari Navy authorization.

We have however been able to ascertain that whoever these individuals were, their hostility appears to lie against the Guristas, as not a single shot was exchanged between their strike group and Caldari Navy forces. Whoever these people are, they appear to be highly disciplined, and very well trained."

In closing, Korrado also confirmed rumors that the mystery strike force was comprised of a number of unidentified fighter and fighter bomber class fast attack vessels, and that the seven damaged Caldari Navy vessels are expected to re-enter service in the coming days after repair and re-arming.